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Theme Fabric Pillowcase   
with contrasting trim and cuff

For EACH pillowcase:

3/4 yard (27" x 42") THEME Fabric (1 1/2 yards for a pair)

11" x width of fabric (WOF) for CUFF edge (2/3 yard for
a pair)

2" x WOF for TRIM (4" for pair)

Place Cuff right side UP with raw edges at top and bottom and
selvages at sides

Fold and press
Trim in half (wrong sides tog) to form strip 1" x

Place raw edges of
Trim along the top edge of the Cuff.

Theme right side DOWN against the Cuff & Trim, lining up all
the raw edges at top edge. The selvages should all be at the side
edges of all pieces. Temporarily pin together to hold in place. You
can trim the selvage edges if the fabrics are not all the same WOF

Roll up the
Theme piece toward the pins until you can grab the
bottom edge of the
Cuff. Pick up the bottom edge of the Cuff and
bring it up to the raw edges that are pinned together. Undo the
pins and re-pin connecting everything together - forming a tube.
The pins should be holding together the Top of
Cuff, both edges
of Trim, Top of
Theme and Bottom of Cuff with the Theme fabric
rolled up inside the tube.

Sew along the pinned edge.  Reach into tube and turn right sides
out. If you have a hemostat it works quicker.

Press flat. Fold right sides together so you can serge (or sew) the
bottom edge and side edge, completing the pillowcase.