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January 15, 2011                     Spencer, Ohio                                                   11:00 am
Hosted by Sarah Bistline
Program - Play with the longarms.
March 19, 2011                     Geneva, Ohio                                              11:30 am
Hosted by Connie Rice
Program by Kathy Bonnes
February                        Mini Meetings  Various Locations
Mini Meetings are offered.     See meeting information to make your choices.
April 16, 2011                  Just Quilt It Quilt Shop, Warren, Ohio             11:00 am
Hosted by Dottie Bettiker
Program by Sandy Soni
May 21, 2011                       Carrollton, Ohio                                        11:00 am
Hostee by Kathryn Hood
Program -  Cynthia Turnbow from The Stencil Company
June 25, 2011                                 CANCELLED
Hosted by Jodi Robinson, Rosemary Darraugh, Peggy Sheehan
Program - Why did you choose the quilting design
July 16, 2011                                Mansfield, Ohio                                 11:00 am
Hosted by Pat Waldron
Program - "Meet Elvira Faye"--Quilting history journey
August 20, 2011                                Mentor, Ohio                                  11:00 am
Hosted by Lynne Gray & Mary Zeitz
Program -  OLAQ Challenge Quilts
September 17, 2011                               Canton, Ohio                               11:00 am
Hosted by Darlie Katz       
Program - Question/ Answer -Open Discussion
October 15, 2011                              Boardman, Ohio                                11:00 am
Hoted by Linda Cline
Program - "What I learned at QwM"
November 19, 2011                        North Canton, Ohio                              11:00 am
Hosted by Linda Miller & Yvonne Smith
Program - Discussion about entering quilt shows
December 2011
No meeting
Ohio LongArm Quilters
2011 Meeting Schedule
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