Ohio LongArm Quilters
May 17-18, 2019 Meeting
Hosted by


Carolyn Mann

Chestnut Ridge Sewing
5079 Township Road 401
Millersburg, Ohio 44654

Workshops with Jamie Wallen
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Friday May 17 9:00 am to Noon Mystical Shapes

Whether you are a traditional or modern quilter, join Jamie as he steps into the world of “Mystical Shapes”. Breathe new life into your surface
quilting with a new twist on the common shapes found on our quilts along with taking it to the next level with paisleys, orbs, curved cross hatching,
jacobean designs and more.

These designs will have you looking at E2E, Blocks and Borders in a whole new way. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-
arm or Hand Quilters.

Friday May 17 1 - 4 PM  Mystical Blocks and Borders

Blocks and Borders are present in almost all of our quilts and often time give us the most trouble.  Jamie will take on borders and blocks and show
you his way to divide and conquer our everyday foe. You will learn to use all of Jamie’s tricks, from no math layout to time saving ruler work that will
take your confidence and quilting to the next level. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm and home machine users.

Saturday May 18 9:00 AM to Noon Mystical Rulers

Join Jamie as he demonstrates his favorite rulers. From basic to more specific applications he will show you how to put those handy tools to work
and save time. As a bonus Jamie will show you his method of turning almost any design into a stencil on the fly.

Saturday May 18 1:00- 4:00 PM Mystical Florals Leaves Vines

Quilters can find as much diversity in surface quilting with florals as there is with feathers. “Mystical Florals” covers florals, leaves, and vine
variations that will make your quilts take root in creativity. You will learn a myriad of designs using these elements for your customer and personal
quilting and apply them to edge-to-edge, custom blocks, border, and sash designs. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm
or Hand Quilters.
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Photos by Dee Hart and Carolyn Mann