Ohio LongArm Quilters
September 15, 2012  Meeting
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Darlie Katz and Lori Kelley

Darlie's studio    
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Fabric Dying by Jodi Robinson with assistance
from Eva Birch & Nancy Gano.   See details below.
Fabric Dyeing Workshop
We will be dying fabrics or whatever else you would like to dye.
Here is how it works...
All you need to bring is up to 5 yards of fabric, you can either bring PFD fabric or good muslin
fabric that you have to prewash- make sure you do NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets.
You may want to cut your fabric into 1/2 to 1 yard pieces to be able to dye more of a variety.
You can also overdye white on black or black on white pieces that have to prepared as
mentioned above.
You can also dye t-shirts, socks, table covers or any combination you'd like.
All other materials will be provided for you.
Please be sure to wear old clothing incl. shoes as this process could be potentially messy.

If you sign up you are committed to the workshop, there will be a $25.00 fee payable to OLAQ
if you change your mind or unable to come.
This month's raffle winner
Cheryl Hoff
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