Ohio LongArm Quilters
July 17, 2010   Meeting
Hosted by:

Doug and Martha

Zanesville, Ohio

Meeting Time:    11:00am
Block Design Exchange for July
click below to see the block selected
for this month's quilting design.
Draw your quilting "stitches" on the block
and make 10 copies to share.
The theme for this month's Fat Quarter Drawing is


Eva Birch

Machine maintenance, applicable to all makes. Doug will make use of his
projection equipment so everyone will be able to see.
Meeting Schedule
Sale Day

Bring items you do not use anymore for
your quilting, price it and put an
envelope with you name on it next to
your items.
We will have a table in the back at Doug
and Martha's for our goodies.
Remember one persons trash is
another's treasure.