Ohio LongArm Quilters
May 23, 2009   Meeting
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Meeting Schedule
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Hosted by:  Linda Miller

Memory Lane Quilting
Nolting Dealer
215 W. Aurora Road (Rt. 82)
Northfield, Ohio 44067
330 468-2831

Sagamore Square Shopping Center
Next to Marc's
Meeting Time at 11:00am
Find out what the
Block Design Exchange
is for this month
The theme for this month's
Fat Quarter Drawing
Background - creams or tans
Bring in a fat quarter
and you have a chance to take them all home.

Mike and Bonnie Holdnak will provide a short talk on how they do
their memory and T-shirt quilts.
There is plenty of space in a back room at Memory Lane Quilting
for us to have our meeting,
and then we will go across the parking lot to Leo's Restaurant to
eat at 12:30.

Leo's menu is posted on the Yahoo site
For a direct link to the menu, click here.
Please indicate your menu selection in a database file that Linda Miller has set up
May23rd Meal Orders. (direct link is below - but read all of the information
first, please)

Each of us has a record with our name on it in this database, there are fields for a
menu and drink choice -
please indicate the cost of each - as well as a field for
your total if you are paying with OLAQ bucks.

NOTE: If you are using OLAQ Bucks, please round your total up and add a tip if you
would normally, using
only full dollar amounts for the OLAQ Bucks. Please see
Linda Miller's record for an example

There is a column to mark if you are attending but will NOT BE ORDERING a meal,
this is so we have a correct Head Count.

If you are NOT ATTENDING, then please delete your name from the database file.
IF you delete your record and change your mind, you can just add your record back
in, and please do.

IF you aren't sure what you are doing, leave your record until you know.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the database.
Anna Bachtel
Sarah Bistline - raffle quilt
Bona Robinson
Nora Brant
Bona Robinson
Nancy Gano
Rosemary Darraugh
Kathryn Hood
Stacie Manis
Eva Birch - raffle quilt
Eva Birch
Winner of the
Fat Quarters
Sandra Soni
Shirley Stutz
Joy watkins