Ohio LongArm Quilters
March 21, 2009   Meeting
All-Day Retreat  Closed to the public.
Meeting Schedule
Find out what the
Block Design Exchange
is for this month
The theme for this month's
Fat Quarter Drawing
Seasonal Spring-Looking Prints
Bring in a fat quarter and you have a chance
to take them all home.

    We have the third floor meeting room all day. You can arrive as early at 8:00 am and
    stay as late as 5:00 pm.

    You can bring your own sewing machine and supplies and sew on whatever you like. The
    Season Teams can work on their Season Quilts for the raffle.

    OLAQ is covering half the cost of the meeting room (1/2 of $100 = $50) and the other half
    will be included in the cost for lunch/meeting.

    If more than a few want to rent sleeping rooms for the night of March 21 and make it an
    overnight retreat, Das Dutch said they could negotiate about the price to extend the use of
    the meeting room. Please let Anna know if you are planning to stay all night so we can
    make those arrangements. The cost for renting the room after 5:00 would normally be $25
    an hour. If enough people want to stay over, they would divide the cost of the extra hours in
    the meeting/sewing room. You could stay overnight and sew in your sleeping rooms, which
    would eliminate the cost of renting the room after 5:00 pm.

    1. Ham and Swiss Cheese on croissant
    2. Roast Beef and American Cheese on white bun
    3. Turkey and Swiss Cheese on wheat bun.
    Lunch includes a piece of fruit, a cookie and your choice of carbonated beverages or
    bottled water (much like the boxed lunches at QwM the last two years).

    COST FOR LUNCH & MEETING ROOM is $12.50 (includes tax and gratuity)
    Personal checks should be made out to Ohio LongArm Quilters and mailed to Bobbie.
            Bobbie Badovick
            2921 Woodhaven Drive
            Medina, OH 44256
    If you wish to pay with OLAQ Money, see below.
    The "OLAQ checks" will be collected at the meeting by Ellie, due to Bobbie being in San
    Diego that day.

    We are allowed to take snacks to the 3rd Floor Meeting room for our all-day retreat. You
    don't need to register if you are bringing an item, just bring it. NO FOODS THAT NEED TO
    BE PLUGGED IN OR NEED TO BE KEPT COLD. Only finger food/snacks are allowed by
    the hotel.

    No later than March 15
          CLICK HERE  (Yahoo Groups Database)
                                     and answer these questions (click on Add Record)
                                          1. Lunch Choice
                                          2. Yes/No - I will spend $12.50 of my OLAQ Money for lunch
                                          3. Approximate time I'll arrive at Das Dutch Village Inn
                                          4. Yes/No - I will stay all night on the 21st

    If you have questions about your choices, email Anna Bachtel  CLICK HERE
Hosted by:  Ellie Monroe
Reservations:  Anna Bachtel

Das Dutch Village Inn
150 E State Route 14
Columbiana, OH 44408

Meeting Time at 11:00am
Program w/Jodi after lunch
Start gathering at the Inn
any time after 8:00 am
Stay as late as 5:00 pm

Our own Jodi Robinson
will teach us how to paint on fabric.
Das Dutch Village Inn
The Fat Quarter winner is
Kathryn Hood
Jodi teaching
Painting on Fabric
Queen Pat
wearing her
diamond tierra.
Painting, using stencils
Painting within the stitching lines.
Jodi's fabulous painted quilt.
Jan DeZee,
before & after painting.
Janet Joehlin
Phyllis Groves
Pat Waldron
Amy Jones
Bona Robinson
Linda Miller sewing
Rosemary Darraugh sewing
Anna Bachtel
Bona Robinson
Janet Kiser
Jennie Roberts
JoAnne West
Kathryn Hood
A different background filler
in each block
Nora Brant
Phyllis Groves
Sue Moenter
Jodi's samples
Ellie Monroe