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February Mini Meeting Pictures
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    Saturday Feb. 14
    Bona and Jodi Robinson hosted the Mini Meeting at Bona's home.
    Bona demo'ed the Statler Stitcher and Jodi showed us how she does freehand
    all-over edge-to-edge. We also watched a video showing
    how to do special things with one of the software program for the digitized
    Pizza, veggies & dip, cookies, candy, soda, coffee & tea. What more could a
    body want?
    Three members of the PA Longarm group joined us.
    Pictures and info from Anna B
    Thursday Feb.19, 2009 10am
    Eight women participated in the mini meeting at Dottie's studio.
    We began with coffee, tea and delicious donuts. We sarted sharing fillers and all-
    overs on a white board but quickly went to the machine.
    We took turns filling in squares on the fabric. Sometimes one lady began
    an idea and someone else showed a different approach to the same idea, or
    showed a variation that worked for them. Our ideas bounced around and we
    never shut our mouths!  After soup, salad and cake for lunch, we continued with
    instruction on the square in a square sewing method Dottie teaches.  There was
    more machine time with some feather demos and McTavishing basics and the
    majority of the group left around 3 pm.
    Pictures and info from Janet Joehlin
    Feb. 26, 2009 - 7:00 PM
    Four members met at Carol Erickson's home and had a
    marvelous time (those of you who had to cancel missed a
    great evening!). We ate and drank first, while Nancy Rab did
    a Show & Tell. We helped her decide how to quilt a few of her
    customer quilts. Pepper performed all of his tricks for us and
    was rewarded with treats and guests clapping & yelling "Good
    Boy, Pepper".
    Then off to the Sewing/Quilting room for the Piece as You
    Quilt demo. We all tried Carol's machine and were impressed
    at how easy it was to use. Carol also gave us a list of her
    Favorite Tips and Her Favorite Fabric Stores Online. After
    that we got to see all of her unquilted tops and how she
    stores her fabrics and UFO's. This gal is quite clever.
    Pictures and info by Anna Bachtel
Pepper taking money from
Carol's pocket.
Be VERY careful with the rotary cutter!
Yahoo Group "Home Quilting Systems"' files;
Vicki's strip quilting
#1 Use PVC pipe to raise
the height of a table.
#2 Make a Big Board using wide board
from the lumber store, batting and
cotton drill cloth cover
(no picture)
#3 Make a light weight portable ironing  
board, to carry to class, by covering the  
cardboard (that fabric is wrapped on in the
stores) with batting a cotton fabric.
#4 Favorite tools are:
Proportional Scale for
figuring the %
to reduce or enlarge
block patterns on your
#5 Flexible Curve for
figuring shapes
(such as a vine in a border)
Spray Starch
available at
Walmart for less
than $1.00 and
smells great.
#7 Use an old bottle
with a small pouring
hole to fill your iron
with water.
Ketchup bottles are
When pinning fabrics
together, put the FIRST pin
pointing TOWARD the raw
edge. This prevents it from
shifting as you handle it.
Use an Office Organizer or a
Sturdy Napkin Holder to keep
your rulers handy

The Hula is an easy dance to learn.
Just follow my moves.
February 28, Saturday   9:00 AM
Diane Wantz invited her OLAQ friends to breakfast and a mini class
before the Lake FarmPark Quilt Show. These pictures show how
much those in attendance enjoyed themselves.
It was a perfect beginning to a wonderful day.
Pictures by Rosemary Darraugh
"Now listen here, Connie, there is no
reason to be offended because I said
you are a little on the short side."