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February 2009   Mini Meetings
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    Feb. 14, Saturday, 11:00am        Bona Robinson & Jodi Robinson Hostesses at Bona's home                         Limit 16
    Boni will do a demo of the Statler features for about 1 1/2 hours
    Lunch - pizza, pop, coffee (probably snacks and veggie tray)
    Hostess fee for lunch $5.00 (Anyone not wanting pizza can brown bag it, no Hostess fee).
    Then Jodi will demo for 1 1/2 hours on the premier.

    Note from Bona - Our meeting would be about 4 hours long.  I hate to have the attendees drive clear out here & then not
    give  them their efforts worth !!! If the weather is bad, I will have the attendees leave their cars at the Park N Ride & my DH
    will pick  them up there.  It's only about 2 miles from my house.  We live in the country and the snow is worse on my road than
    anywhere else in the world !!!

    Email Bona for questions - Click Here
    Feb. 15, Sunday, 1:00pm       Linda Miller Hostess                                                                                                Limit 10    
    We will discuss the physical attributes of the IintelliQuilter system, a panto setup will be demoed first, followed by set in block
    designs and then the record and stitch feature. Questions will direct the rest of the meeting.
    No planned meal, light refreshments, No Hosstess Fee
    Members are not asked to bring anything with them except their curiosity!
    Email Linda for questions - Click Here
    Feb. 19, Thursday, 10:00am        Dottie Bettiker Hostess                                                                                      Limit 10
    We will be doing something with background fills at the machine using a class that I took from Pam Clarke for the base.
    I will also demonstrate the Square in a Square technique if anyone is interested.
    Lunch will be provided. Hostess Fee $5.00
    There is nothing that attendees need to bring that I can think of at this point, if there is I will let them know.

    Email Dottie for questions - Click Here
    Feb. 21, Saturday, 11:00 am        Sarah Bistline Hostess                                                                                       Limit 10
    I am planning to show the program Pre-Design Studio. It is very easy to use, you can scan a fabric or design, then make a
    panto, a dfx file where it can be put into a computing program, make a embroidery design, or a appliqué design.  There is a
    free down load where it can be used for 14 days before you need to buy the program. Then I thought I could show the
    different things I can do with the Compuquilter. Or if everyone wants to do something else that can happen also.
    Lunch- we can bring things to share or I can order a pizza and we can share the cost.

    Email Sarah for questions - Click Here
    Feb. 26, Thursday, 7pm                Carol Erickson Hostess                                                                                   Limit 12
    Carol will demo how to Piece as you Quilt on the Longarm.
    Light refreshments will be served at no cost to the attendees. This is not a meal, but simply light refreshments.

    Email Carol for questions- Click Here
    February 28, Saturday     Your Choice of Time        Diane Wantz Hostess                                                        No Limit  
    Eating and FarmPark

    It will be Vendor's Weekend. The show opens at 9 am and goes until 5 pm.
         Breakfast from 9-10. Yum
Lunch from 1-2. Double Yum
Hostess Fee $5.00
For those that offered to bring food to share, feel free. Just keep it simple!
Stay as long as you like and leave when you  want. Easy.

Pick one time slot and let Diane know which one you will attend. She will be at both.
Eating is half of the program after all.

Please email me, if you haven't already, so I can plan accordingly.  Diane

        Email Diane for questions - Click Here
Block Design for February - Broken Wheel
No Fat Quarter Exchange this month
Bona's home
Linda's home
Dottie's house
Sarah's studio
Carol E.'s home
Diane Wantz

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