Ohio LongArm Quilters
January 20, 2007   Meeting
Hosted by:  Amy Jones and Shirley Stutz

Location:   Amy Jones' studio
Tuscarawas, Ohio

Meeting Time:    11:00am

Closed meeting
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing:

Janet Joehlin
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Debbie Arden

1)   Thank you Amy Jones for inviting us back to your Underground Quilting facility. It is an enjoyable place to hold our
meetings. Shirley Stutz and Amy prepared all the wonderful food for our enjoyment, thank you ladies. It was delicious.  

2)   Linda Bennett, Public Relations Chairperson, needs one or two people to join her committee. Sandra Soni
volunteered to help Linda, thank you Sandra.  (Bobbie Badovick has also offered to join the committee.)

3)   It is time for NEORQC dues to be paid. We agreed to pay them.

4)   The challenge quilt kits were handed out by Lynne Gray to those wanting to participate. The kit cost is $15. If you
have not picked up your kit, please contact Lynne at grlynn2@sbcglobal.net to make arrangements.

5)   Raffle Quilt.   Sharon Gostlin reported all the feathered star blocks are completed and in her possession. As soon
as the quilt top is completed it will be given to Sue Palumbo for quilting in February. She will be ready to quilt as soon as
she gets it.
Shirley Stutz gave a brief explanation of heirloom quilts and preventing shadowing from background fabric or the batting.
Pat Waldon asked if we would like to enter the raffle quilt in the NQA show in June at Columbus. It would be good
advertisement for selling tickets. We’re going to think about it.

6)   Fund Raising. Thanks to Dave Eardley, we have been invited to the Sewing Expo at the IX Center in Cleveland on
March 29, 30 and 31 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), thank you Dave. Dave has also donated $120 to OLAQ to cover
the cost of our insurance.  If you want to work the booth, contact Sarah Bistline, sarahb@ohio.net or 330/667-2257.
For quilt raffle tickets, see Sarah. All members are encouraged to sell raffle tickets, there are 4000 available.  We want
to sell them at the NEORQC Getaway Weekend, the next NEORQC meeting and  at NQA.
are not enough show workers for work day we can lose half a percentage which reduces our income.  The Aeros booth
pay the boosters and then the boosters would pay OLAQ.  E-mail Linda Miller at lgmiller@neo.rr.com if you are
schedulers meet in February to set their schedule.  The pay out might take a couple weeks because the Aeros have to
interested in working the concession. Let her know what dates you can’t work.
pay the boosters and then the boosters would pay OLAQ.  E-mail Linda Miller at lgmiller@neo.rr.com if you are
interested in working the concession. Let her know what dates you can’t work.

7)   Quilting with Machines event. A question was asked, is Quilting with Machines going to be an annual event?  We are
going to wait to see how the public responds. If anyone asks, you refer them to our website at a later date.
Expectations of Members – part of our purpose is to participate along with enjoying classes.  Some of the opportunities
available to participate are:  set up/take down, teachers’ angels, vendors night, registration helpers Thursday & Friday,
luncheon distribution, and dinner banquet help.
Kathy McCarty has been talking with Janet-Lee Santeusanio regarding their start up of
MQX.  We seem to be at the
level they were in their third year of MQX.  2007 is their 5th year and they are expecting thousands of people in
Mary handed out booklets for QwM. She is asking that if you find any mistakes to e-mail her, mbz33@yahoo.com, and
also if you find any mistakes on the web site www.quiltingwithmachines.com to e-mail her about them too.
There will be a meeting January 27th at
Das Dutch Village Inn with the QwM committee and OLAQ officers. After this
meeting,  we hope to launch the QwM web site on February 1. We want the first classes to be available to the OLAQ
Lynne Gray is opening her garage for OLAQ to hold a garage sale; we could have it in April or May. It can be held
Friday and Saturday. We would like most items to be priced by the owner. Leftover items from the sale will go to Goodwill
unless the owners want them back. Sale items do not have to be quilt related.
Some of us have been buying cookie dough or candy bars for another way to raise money for our treasury. At our
February meeting (being held March 3rd due to the Farmpark Quilt Show), we will have a cookie dough/candy rep at
Nardi’s to discuss. These items must be paid for in advance. Mary will put this information on the web site.
We are looking for a volunteer - to scout out more hotel availability in the Columbiana area, areas of interest to quilters,
etc.  Dottie Bettiker graciously volunteered.
We need more demo ideas starting every 30 minutes that will run 20 minutes in length for those who may not be in a
class. There will be a longarm machine available.
There will be a goody packet handed out to each student at check in to the event. They cannot be given to a substitute.
Surprise!!!  Shirley Stutz has been in e-mail contact with Vicki Anderson, publisher/editor of the luscious machine
quilting magazine, Unlimited Possibilities. Vicki is a native of the Dover area.  Shirley was telling Vickie about our QwM
event and Vicki is going to have an article in the March issue of
Unlimited Possibilities. She also wants to attend QwM as
a vendor during vendors night.  She also has a group of quilts that we can display.  The committee will try to
accommodate this as it may be a draw to the event.

A way that each individual OLAQ member could advertise the QwM event is just ask a quilter, “have you hear about the
Quilting with Machines event in October?”

8)   Farmpark Quilt Show, March 3, 2007 – opens at 9:00am . If you have a quilt on display your admission is free,
otherwise $6.00 adult, $5.00 seniors 60 years or over, We will arrange for a group rate for OLAQ on that date, so as
you check in, indicate that you are with OLAQ and you will receive a $1 discount.   This is an OPEN meeting so guests
are welcome.  See
meeting page for details.

9)   Other Shows and Things –
(A) Amy Jones told us about the QuiltBus from New York which is coming to her guild Friday and Saturday, March 30
and 31.  The QuiltBus is the quilt store on wheels which comes to your door.  Two classes and one lecture will be
(B) Amy also mentioned a Karen Maddix Quilt Retreat at Zinc’s Inn in Berlin June 9-11, 2007 .  E-mail Amy at
ajones0770@yahoo.com for more information.
(C) March 21, 2007 , Quilt in a Day with Eleanor Burns’ sister. There will be a quilt demonstration, trunk show and a
brown bag lunch.  Mary will put on our site.

10) Future meetings – March 24th meeting at Berlin quilt show. Phyllis is searching for a meeting place. It is an open
meeting. Call 330/893-3232 for a registration form if you want to submit a quilt to the Berlin show.  
June 8 meeting is at
the NQA Show in Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Have you made your room reservations?  For
more info contact Jackie Gritzinger, jackiegritz@yahoo.com.

11)  Thanks to Jodi Robinson who raffled off several packets of quilting patterns.  The winners included Bobbie
Badovick, Janice Kiser, Diane Wantz, Mary Zeitz, Rosemary Darraugh, Ellie Monroe, Shirley Stutz and Kathryn Hood.

Committee Reports
Treasury – Lynne Gray - see treasury page on the website
Fund Raising – Sarah Bistline – reported above.
Membership – Diane Wantz – we have 39 members; another from the waiting list is being contacted. Eight are on the
waiting list. Some invited and said not now.
Program – Jackie Gritzinger – they are working on 2008 programs.

Each member shared one or more of their favorite things they use in quilting.  Some talked about a tool that they can't
live without, while others talked about methods they use to keep themselves organized and efficient.   
It was interesting to see how varied our favorites are and we all learned about new things that we can make our own
Members in attendence:
Debbie Arden       Anna Bachtel       Bobbie Badovick       Dottie Bettiker       Sarah Bistline       Nora Brant
Rosemary Darraugh       Jan DeZee       Nancy Gano      Sharon Gostlin       Lynne Gray       Jackie Gritzinger
Phyllis Groves       Kathryn Hood       Janet Joehlin       Amy Jones       Janice Kiser       Linda Miller
Ellie Monroe       Sue Palumbo       Nancy Rab      Jodi Robinson        Sandra Soni       Carol Srajer
Shirley Stutz       Pat Waldron      Diane Wantz      Mary Zeitz