Ohio LongArm Quilters
December 9, 2006   Meeting
Hosted by:  Janice Kiser, Nancy Rab, Carol Rickard

Location:     Boston Township Hall
1775 Main St
Peninsula 44264
Fat quarter drawing is
Bobbie Badovick
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the
BOW TIE block
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Janet Joehlin

1.  Welcome to our newest members.  Everyone introduced themselves.

2.  Thanks to the hostesses - Janice Kiser, Carol Rickard and Nancy Rab for putting on such a wonderful party for
our group.

3.  Congratulations to our new Officers - Carol Rickard, Vice President;  Lynne Gray, Treasurer; Debbie Arden,

4.  Diane Wantz has officially taken over as the Membership Chairperson.

5.  Raffle Quilt.  Sharon Gostlin reports that the quilt is still in progress.  She received some of the completed
feathered star block and there are still others being worked on.   When the quilt top is completed, we will take
pictures so that everyone selling tickets will have one.  Thanks to Sue Palumbo for offering to do the quilting.   
After quilting, we will get another picture to distribute to members.  We would like to have the quilt completed
before the Sewing Expo at the IX Center in March so that it can be displayed there.
Thanks to Jan Dezee for arranging to get us the opportunity to sell raffle tickets at the Sewing Expo.  
Sarah Bistline and Kathryn Hood are working on getting the raffle tickets printed by a local printer.  We plan to
have 4000 in the initial printing and more can be printed with only a very short notice.   Members pre-purchasing
at least $25 worth of tickets today will be supplied with name/address/phone labels to attach to the tickets so that
they don't have to fill them all out by hand.  Sarah will contact Lake Farmpark to see if we can sell raffle tickets
during their quilt show.  She will also arrange for us to sell tickets at the NEORQC Get-a-way in February and the
NEORQC meeting in March.  She will try to find other venues that would be good opportunities to sell tickets.

6.  Our June 2007 meeting will be held in Columbus at the NQA show.  Jackie Gritzinger worked with the show
organizer to get us a room to use for our meeting and thread seminar at no charge in exchange for OLAQ
presenting a one hour lecture relating to longarm quilting.   Our meeting will be help at 4pm on Friday, June 8th at
the convention center.  Kathy McCarty will be presenting the lecture at 1:30pm on Friday, June 8th.  She will need
to have a few members there to help hold up quilts, etc.  Here is the description of the lecture that she submitted
to NQA for their class brochure.

Considering a Professional Longarm Quilter to complete your  quilt?
Communication is Key!  Machine Quilting has come a long way from the mattress – pad look so prevalent when machine
quilting first started taking hold.  There are more options and quilting techniques available today than ever before.
Communicating with your quilter is essential for a satisfying experience.  Find out how to get the results you want by
participating in the process of selecting the appropriate quilting that fits your quilt's intended use and to get the look you
Presented by professional quilter Kathy McCarty, member of The Ohio LongArm Quilters (www.longarmohio. com)

This will also be a good opportunity for us to advertise our Quilting with Machines event.

7.  Quilting with Machines event.   A document with the event details was put on the website earlier in the week
so that everyone could review what the Events Committee has accomplished so far.  Several questions were
posed to the committee and a
Frequently Asked Questions page was created to show the answer to those
Additional questions asked today:
>  Is there an elevator in the hotel.   Yes, one elevator
> Are there more hotels nearby in case we sell our at the host hotel?  Yes, there are other ones close by.  We
want to sell out at the host hotel first, then we will give information regarding other hotels on the website.
> We will have longarm machines available?  Yes - DeLoa Jones will bring a machine (APQS) to be used in the
classes in one half of the banquet hall.  Doug Creasy is bringing 2 machines (Gammill) - one for the classes in the
other half of the banquet hall and one for the demo area.
During vendor night, both DeLoa and Doug will have booths set up for people interested in buying a machine.
We will also provide Doug with a booth in the banquet hall lobby area during the entire event to sell products and
demo the machine.
We also hope to have the Nolting Dealer from Canfield set up during vendors night.

8.  Fund Raising ideas.  Sarah Bistline suggested that we host a Saturday afternoon luncheon with a guest
speaker at a VFW Hall that we could get at no charge.   Several options were discussed  and it was decided that
this may not bring in a lot of money and that it would require considerable planning.  The income would not justify
the effort.
Lynne Gray suggested that we hold a garage sale.  Members could donate any items they no longer want and the
money raised from the sale would go to OLAQ.  Lynne and Sarah will work on the details to see if this is feasible
and will report back to the group.
Sarah will find search for places and event at which to sell raffle tickets.

Committee reports
Treasury - Lynne Gray
We have a healthy inflow of cash today from the sale of raffle basket tickets, raffle quilt tickets and for the
challenge quilt kits.  See
webpage for details.
Fund Raising - Sarah Bistline - already reported above
Membership - Diane Wantz - we are at full membership and have about 10 people on the waiting list
Program - Jackie Gritzinger (2007)- nothing to report    Pat Waldron (2005-06)  - Thanks to her committee (Anna
Bachtel, Sharon Gostlin and Sue Palumbo) for a job well done
Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel              Bobbie Badovick       Sarah Bistline       Nora Brant       Rosemary Darraugh
Jan DeZee       Nancy Gano       Sharon Gostlin       Lynne Gray       JoEllen Grazaidei
Jackie Gritzinger       Phyllis Groves       Kathryn Hood       Janet Joehlin       Amy Jones
Janice Kiser       Carolyn Mann       Kathy McCarty       Linda Miller       Ellie Monroe       Sue Palumbo
Nancy Rab       Connie Rice       Carol Rickard       Jodi Robinson       Sandra Soni       Carol Srajer
Shirley Stutz       Pat Waldron       Diane Wantz       Joy Watkins       Mary Zeitz
Fund Raising Committee
Nancy Gano, Kathryn Hood, Sarah Bistline
Sandra Soni
Jan DeZee
Sharon Gostlin
Janet Joehlin
Sarah Bistline
Anna Bachtel
Pat Waldron
Mary Zeitz
The raffle basket winners
Click on pic for larger image
Janice Kiser, Mary Zeitz, Jodi Robinson, Kathy McCarty
Anna Bachtel gave each of her fellow Events
Committee members new tails since they have been
working their tails off planning our Quilting with
Machines event scheduled for next fall.
We were tailed !
The gift exchange was full of all the
RIGHT stuff and LEFT us exhausted.