Ohio LongArm Quilters
November 2006
Regional Meetings
Meeting ONE
Region:   CENTRAL OHIO              Date:  Wednesday, November 1              Time:   11:00 am
Hostesses:  Sue Palumbo and Sharon Gostlin
Location:   Peninsula Library, Peninsula, Ohio
Attendees:  Sue, Sharon, Jackie, Carol Srajer, Carol Rickard, Nancy Rab, Pat Waldron, Nora Brant.
Sue Palumbo won the fat quarter drawing.
Program:  Sharon shared what they had learned in the class they took from Anne Bright and
provided hands on training for the group.  Sue shared many stencil marking tricks with chalks,
pens, corn starch and different types of papers and plastics. Ways to show the customer how the
actual quilting will look on their block by tracing the quilting pattern on heavy clear plastic was very
helpful.  (Submitted by Nora Brant)
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
Baltimore Album Block
Click here to view and print the block outline.

Blocks can be turned in at the December meeting
Meeting FOUR
Date:  Saturday, November 18
Time:  11:00 am
Hostess:   Nancy Rab
Location:  Nancy Rab's studio, Akron, Ohio
Max number of attendees:  Nancy Rab, Janice Kiser, Linda Miller, Sue Palumbo, Sharon Gostlin,
Kathryn Hood, Carolyn Mann, Bobbi Badovick, Pat Waldron, and Jackie Gritzinger
Program: Nancy started our meeting with a fashion show of a inspirational sweatshirt jacket made
on a domestic machine by a friend.  The jacket was made of three layers of scrap squares of fabric,
raw-edge appliqued to the base sweatshirt.  Our duty was to duplicate it on the longarm.  Nancy
used a lining to baste the sweatshirt to, and cut lots of scraps up for us to play with!  It was alot
of fun for all.  Customers and schedules were discussed, and we had a demo of the newest ruler -
an aid to adding your binding on the longarm - by Sue.  Thanks to Janice for the great photos and
to Nancy for the wonderful food!  Bobbi, Kathryn, and Nancy all had show and tell, as well.  Great
fellowship was had by all.   (Submitted by Linda Miller)
Meeting THREE
Date:  Saturday, November 11
Time:   11:00 am
Hostess:  Jodi Robinson
Location:   Jodi Robinson's studio, Enon Valley, PA
Attendees:  Jan DeZee, Sharon Gostlin, Jackie Gritziner, Sue Palumbo, Jodi Robinson
Program:   Some of the threads we use were discussed.  We also talked about business and
customers.  The OLAQ group is great because everyone is so willing to share ideas.  For Show &
Tell, we were all impressed with Jodi's beautiful jacket made of  denim with a wool batt and  
flannel lining.   The pattern is  The Wild Onion Jacket by Susan Conn Italo.
Jodie did a fantastic job on her demo of allover fillers including lots of fabulous feathers.  She
showed how to mark across your quilt and use the lines as a guide.  You can use diagonal lines,
curves, and circles. It's a great  alternative to doing pantograph patterns.    We learned some
great ideas and had an enjoyable time, as did Zeke (Jodi's dog).  Thanks to Jodi for a yummy
lunch and all the info and sharing.    (Submitted by Jan DeZee)
Meeting TWO
Date:  Saturday, November 4
Time:    11:00 am
Lunch:  provided by hostess, fee of $5.00 per attendee
Hostess:   Linda Miller
Location:  Linda Miller's studio, Uniontown, Ohio
Max number of attendees:  10 - 12
Program:   Demo on Renae's Rays Templates + More.  Templates and rulers will be explained and
tried out by the participants.
Meeting FIVE
Date:  Saturday, November 18
Time:  11:30 am
Lunch:   Buck's Inn - attendees will order from the regular menu.  Hostess will provide dessert
Hostess:   Connie Rice, Kathy McCarty
Location:  Start at Buck's Inn, then off to Connie Rice's studio, Jefferson, Ohio
Attendees: Dottie Bettiker, Rosemary Darraugh, Jan Dezee, Lynn Gray, Carol Rickard, Mary Zeitz,
Kathy McCarty, Connie Rice, Linda Bennett
Program:  The group first met at Cottonpickers Quilt shop for a little retail therapy before heading
to Buck’s Restaurant for lunch then headed to Connie Rice’s studio.
Kathy McCarty discussed marking methods and the group discussed favorite products ant those
that presented challenges. Linda Bennett then provided the group with examples of non-
continuous quilting designs, then using dry erase markers and transparencies group members
worked to convert these designs to continuous designs.
A demo was provided by Rosemary Darraugh drawing some of Jodi’s feather designs. Another
demo was done by Dottie Bettiker of the “Off the Edge Quilting Designs” Crosshatch ruler and
LindaMae’s Rays for curved cross hatching.
The meeting concluded with delicious desserts provided by Connie Rice.
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cannot attend, contact the hostess directly.
Show and Tell
Kathryn Hood
Bobbie Badovick