Hosted by:  Amy Jones

Amy's stuido The Underground Quilter
Tuscarawas, Ohio
Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing is


Debbie Arden
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is a
Jewel Box
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MEETING MINUTES       submitted by Janet Joehlin

 Welcome to all 24 members in attendance.

2)  Thank you Anna Bachtel for going through the process of Tax Exempt status.  Mission accomplished.  

3)  Shirley's Wonder Star class at The Stitchin' Post in Cambridge still has openings for October.  There is
comfortable room for 25 ladies.  Invite your friends and join Shirley for a great class.  Contact Kathy Goss to make a

4)  An OLAQvotes Yahoo group has been formed so the membership can anonymously vote in officer elections.  
Please contact Mary Zeitz if you could not join for some reason and she will issue another invitation to join.  

5)  Janice Kiser has decided to retire from the Block Librarian position which she has held for the past couple years.   
Our new Block Librarian is Nora Brant.  Thank you for volunteering.

6)  Kathy McCarty is stepping down as the Membership Chairwoman.  If anyone is interested in taking over this
position please a private email to Mary Zeitz.  The duties include passing the attendance sheet around at meetings
and collecting the hostess fees.  She is in contact with the people who inquire about membership and is basically the
goodwill ambassador for our group.  

7)  OLAQ's new year begins in November.  Officers have reviewed participation and all members will be receiving a
letter (via email) soon.  Please send a letter to the list of your intended participation for the next year.  It helps to
encourage and motivate everyone.  Thank you.

8)  Dues for the next year ( $20 ) can be paid in October and are due by November 1st.  

9)  A new Event Committee, including Kathy Goss, Janice Kiser, Kathy McCarty, Jodi Robinson and Mary Zeitz,  has
been formed to plan a Longarm Retreat.  A target date of October 2007 is being investigated.  Details will be posted
on the website when more definite plans are decided.   ALL members will be to be needed to participate in the
execution to make it a success.   Does anyone have any ideas on a name for this event?  

10)  October meeting -  Wholecloth Challenge quilts are due.  Sharon Gostlin is still looking for questions to be
answered by a panel, which includes Carol Rickard as moderator, Janice Kiser, Kat McCarty, Janet Joehlin and Pat
Waldron.  Associate members and ladies on the waiting list will be invited to this meeting at the Peninsula Library.  

11)  The Nomination Committee revealed the tentative slate of officer nominations.   Carol Rickard stated that only 9
members even made nominations.   ARE THERE ANY MORE NOMINATIONS?  Contact Linda Miller soon if there are.  
The final slate of nominations will be announced at the October meeting and the poll to vote will be posted on
November 1st.  The new Officers take over in January.

12)  Jackie Gritzinger announced the 2007 Meeting Schedule.  There was a brief discussion on the north/south flow
of the meetings and the final schedule will be posted on the website when finalized.  

13)  Anna Bachtel passed out the November Regional Meeting Rules.   DO NOT contact Anna about your 1st, 2nd
and 3rd meeting choices BEFORE October 19, 2006.   Complete details will be posted on the website in the next
week or so.

14)  OLAQ's Holiday Party is December 9 in Peninsula.  There is a $15 limit on out gift exchange.  The hostess fee
(food) is TBD.

15)  A new Sunshine Rule Committee, consisting of Phyllis Groves, Kathryn Hood and Nancy Rab came together to
determine rules for the new committee.  It was decided that a card shower was preferred over flower or food
donations.  If anyone knows of any of our members who are sick or injured or in any need, please contact the list with
this members address.  We are all encouraged to send a note or card to this member to show our support.  

16)  Four local quilting event flyers were passed around or talked about.  These will all be posted on our website.


-  Kathy Goss reported.  See Treasury webpage for details.  
PROGRAM-  Sharon Gostlin discussed details of the October panel meeting.  
FUND RAISING-  Sarah Bistline will be looking for donations for raffle baskets at our December meeting.  Donations
to OLAQ are tax deductible since we are now classified as a public charity.
MEMBERSHIP- Kat McCarty reports there are still 10 ladies on the waiting list.
PUBLIC RELATIONS-  Debi Burnsworth will write a letter to Lake Farmparks on behalf of the OLAQ members
concerning machine quilters getting credit for their work.  She also commented about the opportunity of PR work with
a longarm retreat in our future.

Program - Shirley Stutz presented a Feathered Flower demo.
Members in attendance
Debbie Arden       Anna Bachtel       Dottie Bettiker       Sarah Bistline       Nora Brant       Debi Burnsworth
Rosemary Darraugh       Kathy Goss       Sharon Gostlin       Lynne Gray       Jackie Gritzinger       Phyllis Groves
Janet Joehlin       Amy Jones      Janice Kiser       Kathy McCarty       Eliie Monroe       Sue Palumbo
Connie Rice       Carol Rickard       Shirley Stutz       Pat Waldron       Diane Wantz       Mary Zeitz
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