Hosted by:  Martha & Doug Creasy

A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery
2885 East Pike
ST. RT. 40
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
Phone: (740) 454-8372
Toll-Free: 1-800-760-7701

Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing is

Joan Flory
(Doug Creasy
is holding on to
the fabric for Joan)
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is a
Turkey Tracks
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Members in attendance:
Debbie Arden        Anna Bachtel        Sarah Bistline        Doug Creasy        Martha Creasy
Jackie Gritzinger        Phyllis Groves        Amy Jones        Janice Kiser        Janice Marlatt
Linda Miller        Sue Palumbo        Nancy Rab        Carol Rickard        Jodi Robinson
Shirley Stutz        Pat Waldron        Joy Watkins
Meeting Minutes submitted by Jackie Gritzinger

The meeting was called to order by Pat Waldron.

Anna Bachtel reports that there is no new news regarding our application to get tax-exempt status.

Instructions and a supply list for the Wonder Star class with Shirley Stutz are on the OLAQ Yahoo group.  A sample of the
quilt was shown.   There are still openings for the October 7th class at The Stitchin Post.  Contact Kathy Goss for

Our next meeting is
Saturday, Sept 16th, at Amy Jones's studio.  Shirley Stutz will be presenting a program on feather
flowers.  See the
meeting page on the website for complete details.   Vicki Anderson, Editor of the Unlimited Possibilities
magazine may be attending.

A new Event Committee has been formed to investigate the feasibility of OLAQ sponsoring some type of event in the fall of
2007.  A poll recently posted on the Yahoo group showed that the majority of members are in favor of the idea and are
committed to helping out where needed.   The committee consists of Kathy Goss, Kathy McCarty, Janice Kiser and Jodi

Regional meetings will be held in November instead of a regular OLAQ meeting.  Hostesses include Linda Miller, Jodi
Robinson, Connie Rice, Sue Palumbo and Nancy Rab.  Complete details for each meeting will be posted to the website a
few days before the October meeting.  Members will be required to send an email to Anna Bachtel on October 19th
indicating their first, second and third choices of meetings they want to attend.  Anna will assign each member to one
meeting, then she can assign members to a second meeting if they so desire and if there is room to accommodate them,
as all of the meetings will not be on the same date in November.   Complete details of how to register will be on the

The 2007-2008 meeting schedule will be unveiled at the October meeting.  One special note - the June 2007 meeting will
be held in Columbus to correspond with NQA (June 6,7,8).  Bob from Superior Threads will be presenting a program on
thread on Friday evening for the group.

A Nominating Committee has been formed to provide a slate of
officers for the 2007-2008 term.  Linda Miller is the
Chairperson and the other members are Joy Watkins and Carol Rickard.  

The nominees for Officers will be announced at the
October meeting.  The nominees can address the group to present
their ideas and plans for occupying their position.  Voting will take place via a 14 day long poll on the Yahoo group.  Mary
Zeitz is working on a way to make the poll anonymous.  If this doesn’t work, one member may be asked to collect votes

Members were reminded that, as required by the by-laws, the officers will be reviewing participation of individual
members during the past year.  Participation includes serving on committees, attending meetings, participating in the
block exchange, etc.

Block Designs - It was suggested that we have a plain block, or perhaps a snowball block, for a future design.

The subject of OLAQ sending flowers to members who are ill was addressed.  Shirley Stutz asked how we decide
whether to send flowers or a card.  Members voted to have a “Sunshine” chairperson who would order flowers or send
cards when needed.  A committee was formed to come up with the guidelines.  When the guidelines are completed, a
volunteer will be requested to fill this position.  The committee consists of Nancy Rab and Phyllis Groves.

Shirley Stutz presented information about upcoming classes with national quilting teacher Colleen Wise at The Stitchin’
Post in Cambridge, Ohio.  Shirley will email details to the group.   Contact Shirley if you have questions.

Openings are still available for the Zinck's get away on Dec 2, 3, 4.  Contact Amy Jones for information.

Committee Reports
Treasury - Pat Waldron reports for Kathy Goss.  See treasury webpage for details.

Fund Raising - Next raffle basket will be in December at our holiday party.

Membership – Nancy Rab passed around cards for Debi Burnsworth, Kathryn Hood, and Joan Flory.  No other
information was reported.

Program -
> The Whole Cloth Challenge pieces are due in October - we have great prizes.
> Highlights of the 2007 meeting schedule were given.
> December meeting is our holiday party.  We will be doing a gift exchange ($15 limit).  Complete details will be posted on
the meeting page on the website.
Members stitching on the sample started by Jodi Robinson
Click on picture for larger image
OLAQ members watch as
Sarah Bistline stitches away.
Jackie Gritzinger stitches as
Joy Watkins and Jodi Robinson
look on.
Shirley Stutz watches
as Carol Rickard
adds to the design
Shirley Stutz watches
as Amy Jones stitches.
Doug Creasy
demonstrating the
Statler Stitcher