Ohio LongArm Quilters
March 25, 2006   Meeting
Hosted by:  Kathryn Hood

Dutch Harvest Restaurant (Rose Room)
State Route 39
Berlin, Ohio  44610

Amish Country Quilt Show
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Meeting Time:    11:00am
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing is
Lynne Gray
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
Fan Block
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Members in attendance
Debbie Arden       Anna Bachtel       Dottie Bettiker       Sarah Bistline       Debit Burnsworth       Rosemary Darraugh
Nancy Gano       Lynne Gray       Jackie Gritzinger       Phyllis Groves     Kathryn Hood       Amy Jones       Darlie Katz       
Janice Kiser      Ellie Monroe       Nancy Rab       Connie Rice       Jodi Robinson       Diana Shaffer       
Pat Waldron      Darlene Wegrynowski       Mary Zeitz
Jan Dezee       Jill Durbridge       Judy Holder       Denna Sicilano       Carol Srajer
Meeting Minutes    March 25, 2006
Submitted by Mary Zeitz with the help of Nancy Rab

 Welcome to members and their guests.

2.  Thanks to Darlene Wegrynowski and Ellie Monroe for volunteering to be on the program committee for next year.   We still
need a couple more members for this so please consider joining this committee.

3.  NEORQC dues for paid for 2006.  A revised booklet is being published this year and we will be listed as a guild instead of
a resource.  The following description of our group was submitted for the book:       We are a guild of both professional quilters
and hobbyists who use longarm quilting machines.  We have a limit of 40 members and maintain a waiting list for prospective
members.  Meetings are held monthly at different locations across northeast Ohio.  Visit our website at www.longarmohio.com
if you're looking for a longarm quilter to complete your quilt tops.
Sarah Bistline is our current NEORQC representative and she will confir
m that she is listed in the booklet as such.

4.  Anna Bachtel reports that she received a letter from the government regarding the paperwork she submitted to give our
group non-profit status but they have not approved the status yet.

5.  Member questionnaires received so far have all been posted to the website.  Members who haven't yet submitted theirs
were urged to do so.  Thanks to Dottie Bettiker for her efforts to compile short bios from the questionnaires.

6.  Janice Kiser reports that participation in the monthly block design exchange has increased.  She reminds members that
they need to check their folder in the crate each month to pick up their copies.   See the website for the block designs for the
coming months.

7.  At the February meeting, we discussed the idea of having a page on the website to list members who are willing to help
newbies outside of our group.  So far, no one has indicated that they want to be a contact person, so no webpage has been
created.  If you are interested in doing this, please send your information to Mary Zeitz.

8.  Our group letter to Lake Farmpark regarding our suggestions for the quilt show was discussed.  The following is an
excerpt from the sheet that was given to participants in the show when they picked up their quilt this week:
"A comment I hear repeated is quilters other than the make of the top want more recognition.  Many quilts in this show are
machine quilted by someone other that the top maker.  When this is the case, the quilter is recognized as such under the
exhibitor name on the quilt descriptions.  This is not done in the visitor handout booklet in order to keep the booklet simple and
keep the size manageable.
Prizes are awarded to showcase best machine quilting and hand quilting in this show.  Prizes are awarded to the exhibitor.  
When construction of a quilt top and/or quilting is done as a partner project with no money paid for either service, then any
ribbons or prizes should be divided between both parties.  When the top or quilting is a paid service, then the owner/exhibitor
of the quilt is entitled to all ribbons awarded or prizes.  When paid, the quilter or service relinquishes entitlement to prizes other
than the right to advertise as a quilting service that quilts "award ribbon-winning quilts".  The decision to share is ultimately up
to the exhibitor who entered the quilt"  - Andrea Pasquale
The consensus of the group was to basically agree with these comments.  However, we still want to encourage them to
recognize the name of the quilter in the booklet and think that this shouldn't cause it to expand much more than a couple of
pages.   If any members have comments that they want to have considered for inclusion in our letter, please post them to the
Yahoo group and they will be compiled by Debi Burnsworth.
Mary Zeitz suggested that it would be nice for them to recognize the ribbon winners on the nametag they are provided at the
exhibitor's reception.

9.  Our next meeting is on April 15th at Sarah Bistline's home in Medina.  See the meeting page for complete details.

10.  Debbie Arden advises that the Sherry Rogers classes at A Touch of Thread have been extended for a few more days.  
Visit their website for details.

Committee Reports
Treasury - Mary Zeitz reports for Kathy Goss the treasury balance - please see the Treasury page on the website for details.

Membership - Kathy McCarty not in attendance.  Membership is full at 40 members and there is a waiting list.

Fund Raising - Sarah Bistline reports she will have a surprise at the April meeting.

Public Relations - Debi Burnsworth arrived after the meeting ended.  She will be compiling our suggestions for the Lake
Farmpark show into a letter.

Program Committee - Pat Waldron reports that Diana Phillips will not be available for the August meeting.  Instead, Jodi
Robinson will do a demo and Martha Creasy will demonstrate the Statler Stitcher.  Complete meeting details will be available
on the website soon.
The committee is still looking for questions to be addressed by the panel of quilters at the October meeting.  Send your
questions to the Yahoo group.
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