Ohio LongArm Quilters
February 18, 2006   Meeting
Hosted by:  Carol Rickard

Lake Farmpark Quilt Show
8800 Chardon Rd
Kirtland, OH  44094

Lunch at Nardi's Bar & Bisto
8737 Mayfield Road
Chesterland, Ohio 44026
Cost per person $15 (all inclusive)

Meeting Time:    Quilt show opens at 9am
Lunch reservation is at 12:30
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing:

Winner - Dottie Bettiker
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
Setting Triangles
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Our yummy dessert
Members in attenance:
Debbie Arden      Anna Bachtel     Dottie Bettiker      Sarah Bistline       Nora Brant       Debi Burnsworth   
Rosemary Darraugh        Nancy Gano        Kathy Goss        Sharon Gostlin       Jackie Gritzinger   
Lynne Gray          Kathryn Hood        Janet Joehlin        Janice Kiser        Kathy McCarty   
Linda Miller        Ellie Monroe        Sue Palumbo        Nancy Rab        Connie Rice   
Carol Rickard        Linda Sekerak     Pat Waldron        Diane Wantz        Mary Zeitz   
New Member
Darlene Wegrynowski
Glorai Cregan       Cindi Rohn       Jill Durbridge       Linda Skelly       Peggy Dudash       Kathy Keller  
Congratulations to Kathy McCarty for winning the
Quilt Show Trivia Game.
Click here to see the quiz.
If you weren't at the meeting, take the quiz and see how you do.
MEETING MINUTES  Submitted by Janet Joehlin

 Welcome everyone, especially our newest member Darlene Wegrynowski from Westlake, Ohio.

2)  Non-profit status-  Anna Bachtel reports the paperwork has been sent and we are waiting to hear back.

3)  Member Questionaire-  Please send your filled out questionnaires to Dottie Bettiker.  She will compile them in the
members only section of our website.    

4)  Quilt Teachers Coming to Ohio-  Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery in Zanesville, Ohio is hosting many longarm
teachers in the next year. Please check out their website to see the teachers and dates.   
http://www.atouchofthread.net/nationalshows.html    OLAQ member Debbie Arden is the gal in charge of registration
for Pam Clarke in May and Sherry Rogers in October.  

5)  Shortarm Teaching-  If anyone is interested in teaching classes geared toward the shortarm (or any machine
quilting)  please contact Mary with the information.  She will make up a webpage with your contact information so that
quilter's looking for help can find you.   Members who get requests can refer them to the website.

6)  March Meeting-  Our March meeting is in Amish Country on March 25, 2006.  We will have lunch in the Rose
Room of the Dutch Harvest Restaurant at 11 AM.  The Quilt Show is right next door to the restaurant at the Berlin
Christian Fellowship.  Kathryn Hood will check with the restaurant to see the size of the room and if we can have
visitors.  Stay tuned for continuing updates.

7)  Crate for block design copies-  Janice Kiser reminded us all to check our mail folders in the crate, you never
know what you will find there.  

8)  Lake Farmpark Quilt Show-  There was discussion on ribbon awards and recognition for quilters.  Linda Sekerak
has won the best machine quilting award 2 years in a row on customer quilts and does not get a ribbon of her own.  
Debi Burnsworth has generously volunteered to write a letter to Lake Farmpark using all our valid points and
suggestions we will be submitting through the chat list.  It has also been suggested that we individually write a letter
to them as there is strength in numbers.  The address will be posted when the show is over and it is time to act.  

9)  October Meeting-  Sue Palombo is asking for us to submit questions on anything longarm related for the Oct.

10) Program Committee for the next term.   We would like to have the committee in place by July of this year so that
they have enough time to plan and organize the schedule of meetings that start in January, 2007.   Members are
urged to volunteer for this committee.

Committee Reports

Treasury-  Kathy Goss reported current totals.  See the treasury webpage for details.

Fund Raising-  Sarah Bistline will contact her committee members soon and they will "cook something up"  

Membership-  Kathy McCarty reports we are FULL with the addition of Darlene W.  There are a couple ladies on
the waiting list who would like to remain there for the time being, but weren't ready to join this fall.

Public Relations- Debi Burnsworth says nothing to report.

Program-  Pat Waldron has nothing to report.  We are looking for a new Program Committee for next year.  Any