Ohio LongArm Quilters
January 21, 2006   Meeting
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing
light blue
Winner - Kathryn Hood
Hosted by:  Dottie Bettiker

Dottie's home
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Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
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Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel      Dottie Bettiker      Sarah Bistline      Nora Brant      Debi Burnsworth
Rosemary Darraugh      Joan Flory      Nancy Gano      Kathy Goss      Lynne Gray
Jackie Gritzinger      Phyllis Groves      Kathryn Hood      Patty Hughes      Janet Joehlin
Janice Kiser      Janice Marlatt      Kathy McCarty      Linda Miller      Ellie Monroe
Sue Palumbo      Nancy Rab      Connie Rice      Carol Rickard      Bona Robinson
Jodi Robinson      Diana Shaffer      Diane Wantz      Mary Zeitz
New members:
Debbie Arden      Joy Watkins
MEETING MINUTES Submitted by Janet Joehlin

Welcome everyone.   Our 2 new faces today are: Debbie Arden /GC+ /Coshocton, Ohio and
Joy Watkins /APQS Millie/ LaRue, Ohio

2) Member Questionnaire.   Please fill out a questionnaire (found on the Members Only area of our
website) and return it to Dottie Bettiker.  Completed BIOS are available for viewing on the
Members Only
page also.

3) Non-Profit Status.   Anna Bachtel is collecting all the information for this and will be sending it in this

4) Simply Quilts Demise.   As we have probably all heard, HGTV is not renewing Alex Anderson's Simply
Quilts program.  If you are a fan of this show and are so inclined to support it, please sign the online
petitions and write letters to HGTV to voice your opinion.

5) February Meeting - Lake Farmpark quilt show.  Carol Rickard is the host.  This is an OPEN meeting
and our quilt friends are invited. Please email Mary or the list with your friend's name.  
Earlier this month Mary had posted a Nardi's Bar and Bistro menu poll to the list.   Choice #1 was Italian
dishes/ #2 was sandwiches.  Choice #1 won.  See the
menu for complete details.  The cost is $15 per
person which includes tax and tip.   Lunch needs to be paid for in advance - please mail a check (payable
to OLAQ) to
Kathy Goss by February 3, 2006.
The Quilt Show opens at 9:00am so come as early as you like to view the show.  Lunch reservations are
at 12:30pm.  A short meeting and show and tell will follow.  View the
February meeting page for complete
details.  Thank you Carol for organizing this.

6) March Meeting.  The March meeting has been changed from the 18th to the 25th so we can attend the
Amish Country Quilt Show.  We will meet for lunch in the Rose Room of the Dutch Harvest Restaurant at
11:00AM.  The deadline for entering a quilt into this show is January 31,2006.  Kathryn Hood is this
month's meeting host.  

7) June Meeting.  Diane Wantz (meeting host) is collecting smaller quilted items to display in the Mentor
Library for the month of June.  Bring them to the May Meeting.

8) October Meeting.  Sue Palumbo is requesting that we contribute questions for October's quilt panel
(Who? Undecided !)  They could be a specific machine question, business question, gadget question,
artistic question, style question, broad topic question...etc.... Email Sue or the list.

9) November Regional Meetings.   There will be NO regular meeting this month.  A sign up sheet went
around the room where people could sign up to host meetings.  The host can select any time or date in
November and also the number of people she can handle.  The following people have volunteered to
host...Kathy McCarty -Nov. 18,  Linda Miller ___, Nancy Rab ___ , Jodi Robinson ___ , Sue Palumbo and
Sharon Gostlin ___.   If anyone else would like to host a meeting please contact the Program Committee.
Hostesses, when you decide on the date, time and details of your meeting, please contact the Program

10) Quilt Company Sale.  Bona Robinson announced that for every pantry item donated to this shop they
will give you the opportunity to buy 1 yard of fabric for $1.00.  The Quilt Company is in Allison Park,
Pennsylvania.  Sounds like a field trip to me!

11) Charlotte Angotti Retreat Weekend (3-10-06).  If anyone would like to advertise in this retreat's
booklet please contact Kathy Goss or Linda Miller.  You can have a half page ad if you donate a door
prize to the event.  Bring your business cards, the ad layout  (if you have one, or we will come up with one
ourselves) and your donation to the February meeting.

Treasury.   Kathy Goss reported.   Check out the treasury page on our website for all details.
Membership.   Kathy McCarty reports their is ONE opening and she will contact the next person on our
waiting list.
Fund Raising.   Nothing to report.
PR.   Nothing to report
Program.   Nothing to report.

Jodi Robinson presented a lecture on Wholecloth Quilts.  She talked about the techniques she has used
and showed several of her beautiful quilts.
This provided much inspiration to the group to get started on our entries for our 2006 - Whole Cloth
Click here for complete details.
Click here for Show and Tell