Ohio LongArm Quilters
November 19, 2005   Meeting
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Member List
Hosted by:  Amy Jones

Amy's studio
Tuscarawas, Ohio

Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing is
Winner  - Mary Zeitz
Dues for the new OLAQ membership year
are due at THIS meeting.
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The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
Maple Leaf..
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Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel      Dottie Bettiker      Linda Cline     Rosemary Darraugh      Nancy Gano      Kathy Goss
Sharon Gostlin      Lynne Gray      Kathryn Hood      Patty Hughes      Janet Joehlin      Amy Jones
Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty      Ellie Monroe      Sue Palumbo      Nancy Rab      Carol Rickard
Bona Robinson      Jodi Robinson      Pat Waldron      Diane Wantz      Mary Zeitz
New Members:
Jackie Gritzinger       Janice Marlatt      Connie Rice      Diana Shaffer
MEETING MINUTES submitted by Janet Joehlin

Welcome to all.

1) UserID and Password - Each individual OLAQ member is now able to access Members Only info with their own
private UserID and Password. Our ID's are our last names only, except for the case where members share a last name,
in which case the ID will be the last name and first initial. Mary Zeitz requested that each member send her a private
password via email.  NOTE: The existing generic userid/password will be deleted.

2) Member Privileges and Responsibilities Page - Mary has created an "orientation" page on the website. It clearly lays
out all the requirements and privileges of membership.  Please review this and if there are any questions, please ask.

3) Treasurer - We are seeking a new treasurer. Nominees are Phyllis Groves and Kathy Goss.  Mary Zeitz will post a poll
to vote and it will remain up for 20 days.  PLEASE VOTE.  Our thanks go out to Linda Cline, the past treasurer, who will be
moving to Rome, New York in just a couple weeks. Thanks, Linda, you will be missed.

4) Non-Profit Status - Anna Bachtel is pursuing this.

5) Lotto Basket - The fund raising committee will have a lotto basket at the December meeting. Donations are being
taken at today's meeting and if anyone else will be adding to the basket next month, please notify someone on the
committee to let them know its coming. Items should be clearly marked with your name.  Pat Waldron suggested that we
have lotto baskets when we have open meetings so there is more interest and participation from others besides OLAQ
members. (The March 2006 meeting where we may have OMQA members joining us, for example)

6) Trunk Show - The insurance for the trunk show ends in Feb. and we voted on whether or not to continue with it. It was
a NO vote. Janet Joehlin took the quilts home to show at the March Charlotte Angotti weekend at Atwood Lake Lodge. If
anyone would like their quilt returned to them before the March Meeting please contact Janet J. Thanks to everyone who
participated in the trunk show.

7) Block Design Exchange - Janice Kiser reported a change in the way these blocks will be handled from now on. It will
be SELF SERVE. Anyone participating is now expected to check the filing crate and look for the file with your name on it.
These will contain your finished take home blocks. There is also a file to put your 30 copies for the next month. Check
this every month and you will be current. Anyone is able to jump in and participate at any time. Just remember 30 copies.
When a block from the beginning runs out, Janice will notify us that a block is closed out and it will be unavailable from
that point on. We also decided that since Janice was doing all the work, Janice could make all the rules!

8) Member Questionnaire - Mary Zeitz will make these available to all OLAQ members. Please complete one and send it
to Dottie Bettiker who has agreed to compile them into bios for our website.

9) Small Quilt Auction -  Phyllis Groves recently posted an email to the group regarding the auction held each year in
Canton.  She heard that they may be interested in sharing the auction with another guild and thought we might pursue
becoming involved in this.  Other members know the person in charge of the auction and are sure that they are not ready
to stop doing the event since it is a great money maker for them.

10) Quilt Shows-
a)  Put-In-Bay Quilt Show, July 2006. Info will be posted on the website.
b)  Amish Country Quilt Show. If you are interested in entering the show, Pat Waldron has offered to deliver these quilts if
they are brought to our January meeting.  
c)  Lake Farmpark Show. If you want to enter in this show, Mary Zeitz has offered to deliver quilts here if they are brought
to the January meeting also.

Treasury Report- Mary Zeitz is the temporary treasurer until the next meeting when a new treasurer has been elected.
Please see the treasury page on the website for monetary details.

Membership Committee - There were 4 new members present at today's meeting. WELCOME TO YOU ALL!
Janice Marlatt        GC+ from Zanesville
Connie Rice           Nolting 18" from Jefferson
Jackie Gritzinger   GC+ Akron's North Hill area
Diana Shaffer        GC Statler Stitcher Navarre
3 members have become associate members.
1 more person has been invited to join.

Fund Raising Committee - Kathryn Hood has joined this group.  Lotto basket items are being collected as previously
discussed.   Please put your name on items you donate.

Public Relations Committee- No committee members were present.

Program Committee - December's holiday meeting will be Dec.10, 2005 at 11 am at Belgrade Gardens at 77 and SR
241.    Watch for the driveway, the restaurant is set back a ways.  Bring a $10 wrapped gift if you would like to participate
in a gift exchange.
Pat Waldron discussed the schedule for 2006.  Check the
meeting page on the website for details.

Sue Palumbo  demonstrated  freehand feathers.
Click here for show and tell