Ohio LongArm Quilters
October 15, 2005   Meeting
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Member List
Hosted by:  Sarah Bistline

Sarah's home
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Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The color for this month's
fat quarter drawing:
black and cream
Winner:  Nora Brant
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is
Quarter Square Triangles..
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel       Sarah Bistline       Nora Brant       Joan Flory       Nancy Gano
Sharon Gostlin       Lynne Gray       Phyllis Groves       Kathryn Hood       Janet Joehlin
Amy Jones      Janice Kiser       Linda Miller       Sue Palumbo       Nancy Rab
Linda Sekerak       Shirley Stutz       Pat Waldron       Diane Wantz        Mary Zeitz
Submitted by Janet Joehlin

1) Welcome to members. Thank you Sarah Bistline for hosting the meeting in her home. Pumpkins down the street are 50cents.

2) The Officers (President, VP and Secretary) reviewed member contributions for the past year (per our by-laws) and an email
was sent to each OLAQ member this past Thursday.  Be sure to review the email carefully.

3) The change to the by-laws regarding the new Associate Member status passed (21 vote for, 9 against), so the new by-laws
will become effective with the new OLAQ membership year (November).  Any member who is in good standing can change to an
Associate Member if they feel they will not be able to participate enough as a Regular Member.

4) Dues ($20) for the new year need to be paid by the meeting on November 19, 2005.  If you cannot attend the meeting, checks
can be mailed to the President, Mary Zeitz.  If you decide to change to an Associate Member or to drop from the group, please
advise the Membership Chairperson, Kathy McCarty, as soon as possible so that people on the waiting list can be contacted.

5) Anna Bachtel will take over the task of obtaining non-profit status for OLAQ.  She will contact Linda Cline to see what
information she has on what's been done so far.

6) Member Bios- A questionnaire will go out after the new membership year begins. Dottie Bettiker has agreed to compile them
and they will be available online for members-only viewing.

7) Passwords for the private pages of the website- Mary Zeitz will send new passwords out at the start of the new membership
year for security reasons.

8) Block Exchange- Mary Zeitz is looking for suggestions for future blocks. Borders will be in December, sashings in January,
setting triangles in February. Attic Windows, Grand-mother's Flower Garden, and a Pine Tree block were suggested for future
blocks. Contact Mary if you have more ideas.

9) The November 19 Meeting is at Amy Jones' Studio. See the Meeting Schedule page for details.

10) Reminder- PLEASE VOTE at every opportunity. It is a very basic way to participate and we are all encouraged to do so.

11) DeLoa Jones class update- There are still a couple of spaces open in DeLoa's classes coming up. Contact her if you are


TREASURY REPORT Linda Cline was absent at today's meeting. 2006 dues are due by Nov. 19 or you will lose your spot in
OLAQ. See treasury page for monetary updates.

MEMBERSHIP  There are several ladies on the waiting list.

TRUNK SHOW  There was discussion on whether or not to keep the trunk show going. Insurance expires in Februray.  Mary Zeitz
will check with Dottie Bettier, trunk show chairperson to see if there is anything booked for the quilts after February.  If not, we will
discontinue the trunk show and return quilts to the maker.  Linda Miller and Janet Joehlin are interested in borrowing the quilts
for their retreat in March, 2006, so anyone willing to lend their quilt should wait for details from Linda next Februray.  The interest
in doing ANOTHER trunk show after this one is over is low. The ladies thought the individual group challenges such as the
Cheater Challenge or the Wholecloth Challenge was a better idea. Shirley Stutz and Diane Wantz both shared their experiences
of bringing the trunk show to their own guilds.

PUBLIC RELATIONS  Nothing to report.

FUND RAISING Nothing to report.

PROGRAM  They are in the process of firming up the 2006 schedule. Pam Clarke will not be on our June program as previously

** Cheater Challenge display and judging.   Click here for pictures of all the quilts.

** Mini computer lessons from Mary Zeitz on how to use the website and the Yahoo Email group.

** Applying binding to the quilt while it's on the frame.  Linda Miller demonstrated her technique for sewing on the    
binding with the longarm
Click here for show and tell