Ohio LongArm Quilters
September 17, 2005   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Hosted by:  Martha & Doug Creasy

A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery
2885 East Pike
ST. RT. 40
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
Phone: (740) 454-8372
Toll-Free: 1-800-760-7701

Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The color for this month's
fat quarter drawing:

Diane Wantz
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the Basket.
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel      Dottie Bettiker      Nora Brant    Debi Burnsworth     Linda Cline      Martha Creasy      
Doug Creasy      Joan Flory      Nancy Gano      Lynne Gray      Phyllis Groves      Kathryn Hood      
Patty Hughes     Amy Jones      Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty       Sue Palumbo      Nancy Rab      
Carol Rickard     Jodi Robinson      Lisa  Sauer      Pat Waldron      Mary Zeitz
Janice Marlette
Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Nora Brant

The meeting was called to order by President, Mary Zeitz.  22 members and 1 guest, Janice Marlette, were present.

Linda Cline reported no progress on the matter of obtaining non-profit status for OLAQ.

Diane Wantz reported on the conversation she had with Lake Farm Park representative, Andrea Pasquale, regarding their
annual quilt show.  Names of quilters will be listed only on the quilt, not in the program directory.  Additional ribbons for
machine quilters are not possible due to time frame constraints between judging and printing.   She did not believe there
would be space for the trunk show at the time of the show but offered us an alternative Focus Weekend.   It was decided not to
participate in that due to our obligation of having to be there while they are displayed.   We also decided providing a basket for
the winning machine quilter would be a conflict of interest.  Dottie believed she had received a response to our letter to IMQA
regarding recognition but was unable to find it at the meeting.    

Mary Zeitz will send out questionnaires via email on "getting to know you-how you got started". Dottie will type up the stories.
These will be available only to members.

Janice Kiser reported there are an average of 18 members participating in the
block of the month designs. Upcoming designs
are October- Quarter square triangles, November-Maple Leaf and December-borders.  Members are encouraged to begin
participation at any time by copying any past  month's design off the website and making 30 copies of your pattern design to
give to Janice who collates and distributes them the following month.  You will then receive the other block designs already on
file for that month.

Linda Cline will be accepting membership dues ($20) up until the meeting in November.  Due are to be paid by the November
OLAQ meeting - if a member will not be attending the November meeting, they need to send their check to Linda Cline before
that time.  Any member who will not be rejoining the group should advise the Membership Committee Chairperson (Kathy
McCarty) by November 1st so that new members could be invited to join the group at the November meeting which is the start
of the new membership year.

Several members have posted emails on the Yahoo group stating how they plan to participate in the guild during the
upcoming membership year and all other members are encouraged to do the same.

Upcoming meetings-
October 15 Sara Bristline's home.   Cheater Challenge quilts due.
Program committee requested $30 for prizes, which was approved.
Computer lesson by Anna after Cheater Challenge display.

November 19 Amy Jones home.   Sue Palumbo will present program on freehand feathers.

Committee Reports
Kathy McCarty reported that the committee met prior to today's meeting in regards to the possibility of adding vendor partners
and associate memberships.  Also attending that meeting was Mary Zeitz and Linda Cline.

Vendor Partner was defined as a  business owner or professional teacher who offers goods and/or services to the quilting
community.   It was determined by the committee that Vendor Partner was not a needed category.

Associate Member would be a better fit for our group.  An Associate Member was defined as one who has been an OLAQ
member in good standing for at least one year and who has circumstances, which they believe, will prevent them from being
active in the group for a time. They will pay the regular dues and may attend open meetings.  They will continue to have access
to the Yahoo email group and to the "member's only" areas of the website.  They will NOT have voting rights.  For open
meetings, they will have 7 days to register for the event before it will be opened to the general public.  Their names will be on
the Waiting List ahead of non-members so they will have first chance to rejoin the group.   
Linda Cline made a motion that we accept the committee's recommendation and Patty Hughes seconded it.  Since this is a
change to our
By Laws, a poll will be posted to the Yahoo group for membership to vote to accept or reject the new category of
associate member.
Members can click here to view all proposed changes to the OLAQ By Laws.

Because we cannot restrict members in the Yahoo group from voting in polls on the Yahoo email group, if Associate
Membership is accepted, we need to amend the
By Laws, Article VX to remove the word "anonymous".     Therefore, all polls
on the Yahoo Group will show the email address of the member next to the selection for which they vote.  
The Section will be changed to read as follows:
Article VX: Amendments
These By-Laws may be amended with notice of the change being considered being published on the OLAQ website at least
20 days prior to the vote. Members shall vote on the amendment by written ballot or through a poll via the OLAQ website. The
majority of those voting will rule.
Members can click here to view all proposed changes to the OLAQ By Laws.

There are 5 people on our Waiting List.

Linda Cline reported on the activity for the past month.  Details are available on the Treasury page of the website.

Fund Raising
No new activity from fund raising, truck show, or public relations committees.

Public Relations
Debi Burnsworth reported no new activity for the committee.  

Trunk Show
Dottie Bettiker reported that there was no new activity for the trunk show quilts.  They are currently with member Diane Wantz
who will be showing them at her local guild soon.

Dottie Bettiker and Kathy McCarty agreed to assist Doug and Martha Creasy  to contact renowned teachers and organize
classes and lectures at their location,
A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery, in Zanesville.  OLAQ members will be included in the
first notification of upcoming classes.

Jodi Robinson demonstrated designs from her newest book "Creative Alternatives for Traditional Favorites".  The designs
are creative alternatives (with no ruler work required) for the traditional forms of Crosshatching/Gridwork, Clamshells, and
Radiating lines.  The sampler that she stitched in the demo was awarded as a door prize to Phyllis Groves.  

The Ohio Machine Quilters Association (OMQA) joined us for the demo.
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