Members in attendance:
Dottie Bettiker     Linda Bennett     Sarah Bistline      Linda Cline      Nancy Gano      Sharon Gostlin
Lynne Gray        Kathryn Hood        Amy Jones      Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty     Linda Miller
Ellie Monroe      Sue Palumbo      Carol Rickard      Jodi Robinson      Lisa Sauer      Pat Waldron      Mary Zeitz
Meeting Minutes
 Non profit organization status -  Linda Cline will seek advice from an attorney in the next 2 weeks and report her findings at
the next meeting.

2.  Lake Farmpark Quilt Show - Diane Wantz will continue work with Peggy Dudash to come up with a list of ideas and
suggestions from our group to send to the show coordinators for how to better recognize the machine quilters of the quilts in
their show.   

3.  A suggestion was made by Kathy McCarty to review how we handle having non-members at open meetings and if or what
fee they should be charged.   The general consensus among the group was to handle each open meeting on a case by case
basis.  If the program involves a hired speaker (not a member of OLAQ), and we have the space, we can choose to invite
non-members (the number to be determined based on the type of program and space availability) and charge a reasonable fee.
If an OLAQ member has volunteered to do the program, they can request that the meeting closed.  If they are willing to have an
open program, they can suggest what amount should be the fee to non-members.  This allows for the fee to be set at a similar
amount to what would be charged if they were doing their presentation in another venue.
As decided previously, half the amount received as fees from non-members will be given to the OLAQ member who provides the

4.  Next meeting is 9-17 in Zanesville.    Jodi Robinson will be doing a demo at A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery.   Lunch will
be ordered from a nearby deli - please review the
menu and email Anna Bachtel with your selection by Sept 13th so we can
Pat Waldron suggested that we allow OMQA (Ohio Machine Quilters Association) to combine their September meeting with
ours.  They had already scheduled to meet in the same location a week later and have Jodi do the same program.  Jodi is
agreeable to this and it will save her from having to do the same program twice.   Since their group is smaller (Pat expects 10 to
15 of their members to attend), and A Touch of Thread has recently installed video equipment that allows the demo to be viewed
on a large screen, OLAQ members are aggreeable, too.    Pat will contact OMQA and see if they are interested.

5.  OLAQ members Doug and Martha Creasy, owners of  A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery in Zanesville, OH, recently advised
that they have negotiated a special rate of $59.95/ night at the
Holiday Inn, just 2 miles east of their shop.   To get the special
rate, call the hotel directly to make your reservation and mention that you are connected with A Touch of Thread.

6.  Doug and Martha also announced that they are starting to hold a machine maintenance class once a month.  The first class
is on September 16th, but is full.  Contact them for details if you are interested in future classes.

7.  The subject of membership was discussed - should be have different types of membership available?  Since we have
several members presently in the group that are unable to attend meetings, some had offered to give up their spot so that
someone from the waiting list who is able to attend meetings could join.   We had decided to limit the numbers of members in
the group to 40, partially based on the fact that we knew several members would not be able to attend meetings on a regular
basis.   If they drop out and new members join, we may have more members attending that we can comfortably accommodate.  
After much discussion, we voted that a new type of membership will be established (as of the new membership year in
November) called a
Vendor Partnership.   Specific criteria for this type of membership will be decided by a committee
consisting of Linda Cline, Linda Miller and Janice Kiser.    The basic idea is this -  the vendor partner will pay regular dues, be
allowed to post messages on the Yahoo Group, including one advertisement per week, and be listed on the website where they
can also have limited space to announce sales, class info, etc.   This is designed for people in business providing goods and
services to the longarm quilter who cannot attend regular meetings.     To continue to keep the group at a manageable size, we
will reduce the number of maximum members by the number of current members who change their membership to become
vendor partners.

8.  NEORQC Getaway weekend -  Linda Cline reminded the group that this is a wonderful retreat and that they need to send in
their registration no sooner that September 1st, but mail it on Sept 1st to have the best chance of getting the classes you want.

Committee Reports
Treasury -  Linda Cline reported the current balance of the Treasury.  She also reminded the group that membership dues will
be due again in November.

We are still at full membership and have 3 people on the waiting list.

Trunk Show
We have only one booking now - Ladies of the Parlor, Diane Wantz's guild.
The other members in the group who have taken the quilts to show their local guilds report that  they've gotten rave reviews.  We
encourage all members to schedule the trunk show for their local guilds, too.
Also, Dottie will check with the Lake Farmpark organizers to see if they would like to display the quilts in the 2006 show.

Program Committee
Pat Waldron reports that we've scheduled Diana Phillips for August, 2006.
Her committee is also working on the possibility of having Pam Clark do a program for us, since she is scheduled to be in the
area at the end of May, 2006.

Several members brought quilt tops for the group to view and make suggestions for how to quilt them.
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Ohio LongArm Quilters
August 20, 2005   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List

Hosted by:  Dottie Bettiker

Post House Restaurant
5201 Mahoning Ave
Warren, Ohio  44483

Meeting Time:    11:00 am
The color for this month's
fat quarter drawing:

Light Blue

Kathryn Hood
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the Variable Star.
Click here to view and print the block outline.