Ohio LongArm Quilters
July 16, 2005   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
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Members in attendance:
Anna Bachtel      Dottie Bettiker     Debi Burnsworth            Nora Brant      Linda Cline
Joan Flory      Nancy Gano      Sharon Gostlin      Lynne Gray      Phyllis Groves      Kathryn Hood
Janet Joehlin      Amy Jones        Darlie Katz       Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty      Linda Miller
Sue Palumbo    Nancy Rab      Carol Rickard      Jodi Robinson      Lisa Sauer     
Linda Sekerak      Shirley Stutz      Pat  Waldron      Diane Wantz      Mary Zeitz
This was an OPEN meeting (Non-member fee $10)
Non-Members attending:
Ruthann Benge      Gloria Cregan      Jill Durbridge       Devon Evans      Jackie Gritzinger
Elissa Garfield      Sharon Ohnmeiss      Rosemarie Pierman      Carol Srajer

Hosted by:  
Sue Palumbo, Sharon Gostlin, Joan Flory

Public Library
6105 Riverview Road
Peninsula, Ohio   44264

Meeting Time:    11:00 am
Lunch:                12:00 noon
Lecture Begins following lunch
The theme for this month's
fat quarter drawing:

Winner:  Kathryn Hood
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is Flying Geese.
Click here to view and print the block outline.
OLAQ Memer  Shirley Stutz presented
The Four B's....Backing, Batting, Binding and Blocking

Click here for pictures of Shirley's trunk show quilts
Shirley Stutz
Signing copies of her new book
Easy & Elegant Lone Star Quilts: All the
WOW Without the Work!
MEETING MINUTES Submitted by Janet Joehlin

2) Non-Profit Organization status- Linda Cline talked to an attorney friend who will help her with the process. Some
papers she has filed have already been lost so it may be a long process.

Block Design Exchange- Turn in all designs to Janice Kiser. The next 4 months blocks are up on the site.  We are
also looking for designs for the future.  Anna Bachtel suggests sashings and borders.  Carol Rickard suggests
cornerstones. Linda Cline suggests setting triangles. Janice is researching self-publishing our patterns into a book.  
It would be about $2 per booklet of 22 pages.  The group would like to see a whole years worth of patterns in the
book. Jodi Robinson says she has a binding machine if we wanted to bind our own pages.  A discussion on
copyright infringement followed.  We will review the issue again in January.

Program Ideas- Some interest has been expressed about the new Nolting Dealer in Canfield. Some were
wondering if he would come to a meeting and show off his machines.  Linda Cline will contact him and see if he is

5) There is still some interest in a
small quilt auction.  A long discussion followed.  Instead of organizing the event on
our own, we discussed teaming up with an already established event or show to minimize the amount of effort for
us.  We would split the profits with the organizers of the established event to entice their participation.  We also need
to find someone who would be willing to head this up and plan.  We will keep the idea on the back burner and re-visit
it occasionally.

August Meeting- Aug. 20, 2005 at the Post House Restaurant in Warren, Ohio. The program will be on "How would
you quilt this?" Go to the
meeting page on the website for complete information.

7) Please
VOTE whenever there is a poll. PLEASE!   If you unable to get to the poll on the Yahoo Group, please post
an email to the group to indicate how you would have voted in the poll.

September Meeting- Sept. 17, 2005 in Zanesville with Jodi Robinson as our featured teacher. We decided it will
be a CLOSED meeting.

9) Raffle Quilt for Malachi House made by Mary Zeitz.   Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10.

10) Brochures for both the NEORQC Getaway and the Worldwide Quilt Show in Columbus are available.

Lake Farmpark Quilt Show - Diane Wants report that she has not seen the form that the Farmpark show
organizers were going to send us for our comments and suggestions for their show.  She will follow up with Peggy
Dudash to see if she has received the form.  Since they are probably already working on details for the 2006 show,
we need to get our ideas to them quickly so that they can give them consideration for the next show.

12) Diane Wantz reports the Airtex 20% off promo is extended through July.

13) Linda Cline has Airtex samples and ALPACA samples quilted up if anyone wanted to look at them.

14) Pat Waldron asks if anyone would consider changing the meeting schedule to every other month. A long
discussion followed.  Kat McCarty had a 2 hour drive from Ashtabula.  Shirly Stutz had a 2 hr. and 15 minute drive
from Lore City (Salt Fork).  Peninsula is pretty much in the middle.  Originally the meetings were planned to be
Northerly one month then Southerly the next so it would be easier for all members to make it at least half the time. It
was decided we would keep going as we are. Every member has the choice to attend a meeting or not. The
membership chairperson tallied the member list and this is what was found:
NORTH members- 11
SOUTH members- 5
MIDDLE members 18
Outlying members 6 (middle OH & PA)

15) Nora Brant asked where do you get QUILT STANDS?  Shirley got hers from Cord Camera. It was more
lightweight than her other one ($130) and came in its own protective carrying bag and it was about $90. Kat McCarty
offered this website .http://www.adorama.com/BMSSPS.html.  Checkers also carries them.

Committee Reports
Trunk Show- Per Dottie Bettiker, Committee Chairperson
There is low activity at this time. Nancy Gano would like to have the quilts at one of her Alliance guild meetings.  Dottie
will check with Sarah Bistline to see if the quilts can be displayed at the 2006 NEORQC February Getaway.
Dottie also sent out letters to each of the guilds in the NEORQC directory to inform them of the trunk show.  It is too
soon to tell what the response will be.

Membership- Per Kathy McCarty, Committee Chairperson
We are at full membership and have 2 persons on our waiting list.

Fund Raising- no report
Note:  Several members donated items for a basket, raffled off at the meeting.  $47.00 was received for the treasury.  
The basked contained the following items and was won by Jodi Robinson.
Batting, panto patterns, CD quilt patterns, books, printable freezer paper, ruler holder, cotton stuffing, marking spray,
fat quarters, fashion accessories patterns for handbags, hand bag handles, triangles on a roll, thread.

Treasury, Per Linda Cline, Treasurer
The bank balance is higher than what Linda has tracked on her spreadsheet.  Copies of the spreadsheet were
passed out to the members at the meeting so that they can review the entries to see if there was a cash payment
made that does not appear.
won by Jodi Robinson

Batting, Panto patterns, CD quilt patterns, books,
printable freezer paper, ruler holder, cotton
stuffing, marking spray, fat quarters, fashion
accessories patterns for handbags, hand bag
handles, triangles on a roll, thread