Ohio LongArm Quilters
April 16, 2005   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Bucks Bar and Grill
2092 Center Rd  (St Rt 45)
Austinburg, OH 44010

Meeting Time:    11:00 am

Then off to A Thread Runs Through It,
Kathy's McCarty's quilting studio
Located inside Cottonpicker's Quilt Shop
2125 Center Rd (State Route 45 N.)
Austinburg, Ohio 44010  
Theme for the
Fat Quarter
Drawing this

Nora Brant
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the Churn Dash.
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Members attending:
Anna Bachtel     Dottie Bettiker       Sarah Bistline      Nora Brant      Debi Burnsworth      Rosemary Darraugh
Peggy Dudash      Nancy Gano      Sharon Gostlin      Lynne Gray      Kathryn Hood      Marge Hozian
Janet Joehlin      Amy Jones      Darlie Katz      Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty      Sue Palumbo
Jodi Robinson      Pat Waldron            Diane Wantz      Mary Zeitz
NEW Member attending:
Nancy Rab
MEETING MINUTES Submitted by Janet Joehlin

1)  Welcome to all.   Especially to new member, Nancy Rab (GC+) from Bath, Ohio.   Linda Sekerak from Medina, OH, also joined
the group, but was unable to attend the meeting.  We now have 40 members.

2)  Our next meeting is May 28 at Camp Mowana in Mansfield, Ohio with DeLoa Jones.  There are still 4 spaces open if anyone
knows anyone who would be interested.  Money is due today from members who are attending.  After today, send payment to Linda
Cline ASAP.  Check out the webpage for details.

3)  Chicago Quilt Festival:   While there, Mary Zeitz talked to the Airtex Manufacturing Representative, Allan Charney, who said he
would be interested in coming to one of our meetings for a presentation.  He would also be interested in the addresses of all our
members so he can send samples and literature.  If anyone in our membership is opposed, her information will be excluded from
the list.  Anyone not at the meeting needs to contact Mary Zeitz quickly if they want to be included.  Also, there is a Professional
Longarm Yellow Book coming out. It will be a longarm directory.  The group wondered if OLAQ could register with it instead of each
individual. Mary said she would look into it.  The website is www.quiltingprofessional.com if anyone is interested in looking at it.  
The Chicago Quilt Festival is a great show.  It is not specifically geared toward the longarmer but all longarm companies had
booths.  There were most of the thread companies there and also some pantograph companies and most of the batting
companies.  No longarm classes, just everything else quilting related.  Still a great time.

4)   Burton Quilt Show   Janice Kiser and her sister are taking part of Mary Zeitz's guild's space at Century Village for this show.  If
anyone wants to sell anything or have brochures or literature to hand out during this show, Janice is willing to help.  Contact Janice
for details.

5)   Lake Farmpark Show   They would like feedback from all who participated.  Longarm machine quilter's recognition was
brought up and briefly discussed.  Peggy Dudash and Diane Wantz agreed to write a letter to the show coordinators about this
subject on behalf of OLAQ.

6)   Linda Miller has resigned as the chairman of the fundraising committee.  She did an excellent job on gathering and organizing
items for the NEORQC baskets.  Thank you Linda for all your effort and hard work.  Sarah Bistline has agreed to take over as
chairman and Nancy Gano has also joined the committee.

7)  There is a quilt show at Hiram College sponsored by Cotton Candy Quilters.  See our homepage for details.

8)  The Cheater Challenge was reviewed for our newer members.

9)  Janet Joehlin announced the That's Sew Special Quilt Retreat with Charlotte Angotti in March 2006.  If any OLAQ members
would like to pass out flyers to their longarm clients please see Jan, Linda Miller or Kathy Goss.

10)  Sharon Gostlin announced she is selling raffle tickets for her guild and passed pictures around.  Sue Palumbo quilted this
bowtie quilt. Tickets are available, contact Sharon.

11)  Diane Wantz had a Fons and Porter magazine subscription fund raiser available.  Contact Diane if you would like a
subsciption and want to help her local guild out.   Half of the $20 subscription price goes to the guild.   You may want to contact the
magazine if you are interested in getting your own guild to participate.

12)  Pat Waldron announced that anyone interested in going to the Thursday night, 7 pm, DeLoa Jones lecture at her Mansfield
guild on May 26 is welcome.  The cost for the program is $3.00 at the door. Contact Pat for directions, or follow her from Camp
Mowana that night.

13)  Mary Zeitz suggested having an information packet available to new members explaining the programs, etc., available to
them.  Mary said she would put something up on the website.

- Linda Cline was absent.  See treasury page on website for updated totals.

Trunk Show-  Dottie Bettiker reported they were back from California. She had an inquiry about sending them to a quilt show in
Marietta, OH, in August but someone would have to accompany them to the show. No volunteers! Someone asked about sending
them to the NQA show in June. Dottie will look into it.

Membership-  We are now a full guild. A waiting list will be started.

Fund Raising -  There was discussion on how much we should pursue raising funds. There was pros and cons brought up on
raffle quilts. Many members indicated that they were not comfortable with selling raffle tickets.  Some suggested that we pay
individually to share the cost of bringing in a teacher instead of trying to build our treasury for such expenses.  Sarah Bistline
suggested that members could donate items they no longer want to make up baskets to be raffled off at meetings.  The cost to the
group would be zero and the proceeds would go into the treasury.

Program Committee-  Pat Waldron announced that Carol Selepec is willing to do a program for us in June in Zainesville. The cost
would be $200 plus mileage. We vote YES. We want a trunk show and lecture/demo on her favorite things. ALSO: we discussed
2006 meeting and program schedule.  See the Meetings page on the website for details.   A vote was taken to accept the meeting
schedule:YES. Diana Phillips wanted suggestions on her program. Jodi Robinson said she will talk to Diana.

15)  Pat Waldron showed how she put a hanging sleeve on her quilt.

16)  At Kat McCarty's studio: demos by Kathy McCarty, Janet Joehlin, Jodi Robinson and Rosemary Darraugh.  

17)  A big hello and thank you to Beth Safick for throwing her arms open to us! Thanks!
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