Ohio LongArm Quilters
January 29, 2005   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Linda Miller's home
Uniontown, OH

Time:    11:00 am
Meeting was originally
scheduled for 1-22-05
but was rescheduled
due to bad weather.
you need to send a check to the
Treasurer, Linda Cline.
The quilt block this month for the
Block Design Exchange is the Ohio Star.
Click here to view and print the block outline.
Members in attendance
Anna Bachtel     Linda Bennett     Sarah Bistline     Linda Cline     Rosemary Darraugh
Elaine Gittinger     Sharon Gostlin     Lynne Gray     Phyllis Groves     Kathryn Hood
Janet Joehlin     Amy Jones     Darlie Katz     Janice Kiser     Kathy McCarty     Linda Miller
Sue Palumbo     Carol Rickard     Jodi Robinson     Pat Waldron     Mary Zeitz
New members
Debi Burnsworth     Bona Robinson     Diane Wantz
Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Janet Joehlin

1.  Introduction of officers and welcome to new members.
Bona Robinson  of Baden, PA,   Debi Burnsworth of Barberton, OH, Diane Wantz of Mentor, OH, and Elaine Gittinger of Green
Springs, OH

seconded the motion.  It passed by vote of the membership.    Mary Zeitz will change the
Contract and Policy documents to
seconded the motion.  It passed by vote of the membership.    Mary Zeitz will change the
Contract and Policy documents to
reflect the change.
Contract and Policy documents to reflect the change.
Policy documents to reflect the change.
Policy documents to reflect the change.
documents to reflect the change.
reflect the change.

3.  Security on our website.  Mary Zeitz, the webmaster, suggests a unique userid and password for each member to gain
access to the
Members Only parts of the website.   Upon later review, it was discovered that there is a maximum of 25 user
accounts available on the website, so there aren't enough for every member.  There will still be one userid and password for all
members but the password will change occasionally or whenever a member drops out.   Mary will email the group to inform
them of the new logon and the old userid will be deleted.

4.  Linda Cline is working at getting OLAQ registered as a guild.

5.  The Lake Farmpark Quilts 2005! Show catalog has our www.longarmohio.com group ad in it.

6.  Linda Bennett gave an update on the Burton Quilt Show status. The date of the show will probably be changed to June. More
information will be given at the next meeting.

7.  OLAQ is now on the IMQA website (www.imqa.org under regional groups).  Pat Waldron will contact them to get our website
linked to our listing.

8.  NEORQC meeting on March 5th.  Sarah Bistline agreed head a special committee to do the final planning. Needed are
breakfast foods, nametags, centerpieces, raffle ticket sales and misc.
Agreeing to help are Darlie Katz, Phyllis Groves, and Kathryn Hood. They will figure out what is needed and post it to the yahoo
groups where we can sign up to fill the needs.
Everyone will need to be at the Lodi meeting location by 9 AM (for a 10 am meeting) to set up and get organized. A short OLAQ
meeting will follow the NEORQC meeting.

    A.  TREASURY- Linda Cline reported. Final dues are due today. A treasury bank account has been opened at SkyBank.
    See the Treasury webpage for a current balance.

    B.  MEMBERSHIP- Kathy McCarty reported we are currently at 38 members. We have lost 9 since our reorganization.

    C.  TRUNK SHOW- report from Mary Zeitz (in Dottie Bettiker's absence). Dates of shows are listed on the Trunk Show
    Schedule webpage.

    D.  PUBLIC RELATIONS- Linda Bennet reports no new brochures. Kat McCarty suggests discussion on business vs.
    non-business, voicing a concern about money from the treasury being spent to help the business related people in our
    group and not wanting hard feelings causing an under current of tension in the group. The general consensus of the
    group was that the business related expenses were small and did not bother them. Future expenses for the purposes of
    advertising or promoting the members in business will be discussed as they are encountered.  The business related
    discussion was also noted to be helpful and informative to everyone.

    E.  FUND RAISING- Linda Miller reported that there have been numerous donations made for the NEORQC raffle
    baskets.  She will limit the retail value of the baskets to about $75 each and some of the donated items will be used for
    door prizes instead.  It was suggested that some of the fat quarters donated could have a few helium balloons attached.
    to be used as centerpieces and given as door prizes as well.   
    The Quilt Show/Auction site for Oct. 2006 is still undecided, however, Linda is working with people at the Kaufman Center
    to arrange the use of their facility.

    F.  PROGRAM- Pat Waldron passed out a meeting schedule for the upcoming year to everyone. Please see the Meeting
    Schedule webpage for this list.  Mary Zeitz made a motion to accept this program schedule. Amy Jones seconded the
    motion. We vote and it passed.
    The committee members bought Christmas items after the last holiday season on sale to use as favors for next year's
    Christmas party.  The committee made a motion to pass this expense for next December's party. Phyllis Groves
    seconded the motion. The membership vote and it passed.
    The CHEATER CHALLENGE was explained by Anna Bachtel.   See the Cheater Challenge webpage for details.
    BLOCK DESIGN EXHANGE - Janice Kiser, the librarian, showed examples of this months Ohio Star block. From now on,
    the blocks should contain the name of the designer and also show directional arrows and starting points if it is a more
    complicated design. Thirteen members participated in January's challenge.  Everyone  was encouraged to join in next
    month.   The block for February is the log cabin and for March is Jacob's Ladder.  Refer to the Block List webpage for
    details and to print the blocks.
    MY JUNK YOUR TREASURE-  Bring your "junk" to any meeting clearly marked with your name and asking price and we
    will have a table set up to display the items.  For larger items that are difficult to bring to a meeting, or for more expensive
    or continually available items,  Mary Zeitz will post them on a new webpage so that all members (and non-members) can
    view your items.  You will need to email Mary a picture of the item and indicate a description and your price.  ALL items
    should be sewing, quilting related, please.   See the Junk/Treasure webpage.

10.  Batting Sample Project- Linda Cline explained the process.  When she finalizes the details, all of the information will be
added to the website.   If any more members are interested in participating, please contact Linda.

11.  Linda showed her saddle chair that allows her to sit while quilting on the machine. Mary gave a demonstration. Find it at

12.   Phyllis Groves brought fabric samples of different muslins.