Ohio LongArm Quilters
November 20  2004   Meeting
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Carl's Austinburg Steakhouse  in the Comfort Inn
1860 Austinburg Road
Austinburg, OH  44010

Time:    11:00 am

Then on to Beth Saficks's new shop and Kathy
McCarty's studio (Cottonpicker's and A Thread
Runs Through It),  2125 Rt 45N, Austinburg.
Theme for the Fat
Quarter Drawing
this month:
1930's Reproductions

Darlie Katz
Members in attendance
Anna Bachtel     Linda Bennet     Dottie Bettiker     Nora Brant     Linda Cline
Laura Farabaugh     Phyllis Groves     Janet Joehlin     Darlie Katz     Cindy Kazmir
Janice Kiser     Linda Miller     Kathy McCarty     Ellie Monroe
Beth Safick     Pat Waldron    Mary Zeitz

New Members
Lynne Gray     Marge Hozian
Meeting Minutes       Submitted by Janet Joehlin

1) Welcome to
2 new members.  Lynne Gray & Marge Hozian

Treasury Report:  Please see the Treasury webpage for a current balance.

3) Linda Bennett brought 200 copies of our
brochure.    Thanks to her husband, Randy Bennett, for
donating the brochure printing.

Location of meeting in December has changed to Kamz Restaurant.  It is right near Angelic's Quilt
Shop in Canton on Cleveland Ave. Details are on the meeting schedule of website.

4) Discussion on placing a
group ad in the Lake Farmpark program for the Quilts 2005 quilt show
which runs from February 11 through March 23.  Majority consensus - YES.    Cost is $40 for a business
card size ad.  The ad should read something like-
Find a LongArm Quilter near you at

insurancecustom at $625.  Total value for all the quilts comes to $11,375.  Cost of renew in February.
renew in February.

Dottie asked for the NEORQC book to get a mailing list to send info to shops and guilds.  Members who
were present wrote their names next to any guild they belong to so the info could be hand delivered
instead of shipped.

If any member of our group agrees to do a lecture/trunk show presentation to a guild there should be
a $50 fee plus mileage.  The money will go to that member.  Dottie will post on the OLAQ list any
opportunities that arise.  

6)  Linda Cline-  Shall we
sponsor a PBS Quilt Show like Linda's LongArm Quilting to help promote us?  
Majority consensus - NO.  For sure not a LongArm show but possibly a regular quilting show.  And NOT
as the OLAQ group.  Linda Cline will spearhead this outside the group.  

7)  Mary Zeitz read an email from Carol Rickard regarding the
annual quilt show in Burton.   David
Peltier, the Director of Century Village is looking for a guild, group, shop owner or owners to work with
people on his staff to do the job since the local guild does not want to participate.  David is available on
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 440-834-4852.   There are new dates next year for the show - June
18th and 19th.   Linda Bennett offered to contact David since she has information regarding others who
are planning to get involved.

8)  Discussion on having a
Small Quilt Auction instead of a Quilt Show.  A lot of enthusiasm in the
group. Questions were raised on WHY we needed to have a fund raiser to raise money.   What  will we
spend it on? etc.  The majority consensus was YES let's raise money and use it to bring in a teacher or
charter a bus to attend a quilt show.  Laura Farabaugh will check on details of a small auction since she
has contacts in the Wildwood Guild who holds an auction each year.

9)  Pat Waldron-  Pat suggested
changing the May meeting to May 28 (1 week later) so DeLoa Jones
(who will be in Mansfield for another similar reason) could give us a demo/lecture/trunk show.  Cost is
at least $300 (may need to also include lodging and mileage) and she would bring 1 machine for
demos.  There might also be a Friday class if there was enough interest.  Her website is
www.deloasquiltshop.com    Members will pay a fee to be announced.  Some of the cost will be taken
from OLAQ treasury.  

10)  Thank you to Anna Bachtel for doing the
preliminary by-laws.  A rousing and lengthy discussion
then ensued.   Anna wrote revisions on her copy and will submit a revised copy to be posted on the
website for all members to review.  

Nominees for PRESIDENT-  Mary Zeitz
         VICE PRES-   Pat Waldron
        SECRETARY-  Janet Joehlin
       TREASURER-   Linda Cline
Any other nominations are welcomed until 6pm on Wed, 11-24.   
Website poll voting will then take place.

Committee volunteers-  (* signifies chairperson)
         PROGRAM COMMITTEE  *Pat Waldron
                                                 Sue Palumbo

         FUND RAISING  *Linda Miller
                                   Phyllis Groves
                                   Lynne Gray
                                   Elaine Gittinger (your sister signed you up!)

          PUBLIC RELATIONS  *Linda Bennett             

          MEMBERSHIP   *Kathy McCarty
                                    Janice Kiser
                                    Janet Joehlin

          TRUNK SHOW  *Dottie Bettiker

           WEBSITE   *Mary Zeitz
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Member List
Anna and Linda at the bar - ready to order a
drink after our rousing meeting!!