Ohio LongArm Quilters
September 18,  2004   Meeting
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Dottie Bettiker's home
Warren, Ohio  

Time:    11:00 am
Color for the Fat Quarter
Drawing this month:

Sharon Gostlin
Members in attendance
Dottie Bettiker      Sarah Bistline      Linda Cline      Rosemary Darraugh        Peggy Dudash
Laura Farabaugh      Joan Flory      Sharon Gostlin      Janet Joehlin      Amy Jones
Cindy Kazmir      Janice Kiser      Kathy McCarty       Linda Miller      Sue Palumbo      
Carol Rickard      Jodi Robinson       Beth Safick      Pat Waldron      Mary Zeitz
Lynne Gray
Mary Zeitz collected dues from each member for the next year (dues should be paid by the November meeting)
and passed out the name tags she created.     Yearly dues are $10.  However, for members who joined the
group after March, the amount was prorated based on the following schedule:     November through March -
$10,    April $9,    May $8,    June $7,    July $6,    August $5,    September $4,   October $3.

Mary Zeitz gave a treasury report.  Visit the treasury web page for details.

Beth Safick brought a sample of the brochure created by Linda Bennett and her husband.   Click here to see it.  
Thanks to Kathy McCarty for providing a picture of her spectacular quilting for the background.   Kathy has also
volunteered to have her name and phone number on the brochure as a contact person, in case someone
doesn't have a computer to visit the website.

Challenge quilts
> Mary Zeitz showed the tags she made for each quilt that will be attached to the quilt.   It includes the
quilter's name, and description of the quilt.   
Click here for a picture.
> Dottie Bettiker, Trunk Show Coordinator, talked about who has already requested the display.  See the
Challenge Quilt webpage for a listing of the trunk show schedule.
> Dottie will be at a quilt show in October in Warren where a quilt appraiser will be on hand to appraise a few
of the quilts and then Mary will obtain insurance for the display.
> A discussion of how the quilts will be packed and shipped resulted in many suggestions.  We will try to find   
long boxes or durable plastic cases that will accommodate the width of the quilts so that they can be rolled
up to prevent creases.  It was suggested to use the pool noodles to wrap the quilts around.  
> A few members who signed up for the challenge but are not in business have shown reluctance to include
their quilts in the display.   They have been encouraged to participate, as the trunk show is not to just
promote our businesses, but to show the public what longarm quilting is all about and to show the various
results that can be achieved through machine quilting.  The display represents the Ohio LongArm Quilters
and that means ALL members should be represented.

Hosting a quilt show  
Linda Miller reported on the Quail Hollow State Park Mansion where our group can hold a quilt show sometime
next summer.  The manager of the park is very interested is having us do this.   Here are the details:
>  The fee to rent the mansion is only $35
>  We would be able to charge admission to visitors (the park manager told Linda that the number  of visitors
through the mansion is about 2000 per month).
>  We could sell items to raise money for ourselves and for the group
>  We could display our
trunk show
>  We could take in quilts for display and instead of having a judged competition, we can have visitors vote for
their favorites.  Three or four of the entries would then win a prize and receive a ribbon.
>  It was suggested that we require the quilts to be machine quilted (but not necessarily on a longarm).
>  We could provide a pretty label to the winners that shows the quilt was in the show and that it won a
viewer's choice award.  They can attach the label to the quilt as a record of the quilt's history.
> Linda Miller suggested that the show be named  "The Future of Tradition".
> The quilts would be displayed throughout the mansion, draped over furniture and out of the reach of
visitors.     This means we don't need to provide a means to hang them.
> We can check with Doug and Martha Creasy to see if they would be interested in setting up a longarm
machine for demonstrations.
> We will hold our January meeting at the mansion so that we can tour the facility and decide if we want to go
ahead with a show.

NEORQC meeting - October 2, 2004
The following members will attend the meeting:  Sarah Bistline, Mary Zeitz, Dottie Bettiker, Kathy McCarty,
Janet Joehlin.   Anyone else is welcome to attend - reservations needs to be made so visit the NEORQC
website for details.
trunk show will be on display.

NEORQC meeting - March 5, 2005
Our group will be hosting the meeting and we will hold OUR meeting immediately afterwards.
>  Location is at Cloverleaf High School, Lodi, OH.
>  Meeting begins at 10am.
>  We will need to have a few members there by 9:30am to start the coffee and set our some breakfast food.
>  People attending the event will bring a dish to share for lunch.
>  We will need to have members at a sign in table to welcome attendees.
>  We need to provide some type of name tags.  
>  We can display our
trunk show quilts.
>  We need to decide if we want to provide a couple door prizes.
>  Our group will receive $250 for hosting.  We need to pay for the cost of renting the space at the High School.

Meetings for 2005
Check the Meeting Schedule page for the 2005 schedule through July.

Sarah Bistline brought a variety of quilting samples that she uses to demonstrate to customers the differences
in batting choices.  She and several other longarm quilters used the pre-marked feather meandering fabric and
a different batting to each create a large quilted piece.  Then the large piece was cut up into smaller sections
and half of the smaller sections were washed.  They then each took one washed and one unwashed section of
each batting choice and had a variety of samples.
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