Ohio LongArm Quilters
August 21,  2004   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Amy Jone's Studio
Tuscarawas,  OH
Studio phone # 740-922-1871

Time:     10:30 am
Color for the Fat Quarter
Drawing this month:

Darlie Katz
Members who attended
Anna Bachtel    Barb Beer    Dottie Bettiker    Sarah Bistline    Joan Flory    
Sharon Gostlin    Phyllis Groves    Carol Hardesty     Kathryn Hood    
Amy Jones    Darlie Katz    Janice Kiser    Kathy McCarty    Linda Miller    
Sue Palumbo    Carol Rickard    Jodi Robinson    Beth Safick    
Shirley Stutz    Pat Waldron    Mary Zeitz
New Members
Doug and Martha Creasy      Sue Smucker
Shirley Muhs and stepdaughter Cheri       Jeff Hardesty      Bill Gostlin
Thanks to Carol Rickard for donating
a can a spray chalk for raffle.

Phyllis Groves
We welcomed 3 new members to the group -  Sue Smucker of Wooster (who was actually part of the ‘group’
before we became a ‘group), and Doug and Martha Creasy, owners of A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery in
Zanesville, Ohio.

Treasury report -  Please review the Treasury page (members only).

Limiting the size of the group
We dicussed whether or not to limit the number of members in our group.  The consensus was NO, but we need
to make sure that we find appropriate meeting locations that are large enough to comfortably fit everyone.  If
the group grows much larger, we may have not be able to hold a meeting in a member's home.

Challenge Quilts
>  These are to be turned in at the September meeting.
>  Members were reminded to email the following information regarding their quilt to Mary Zeitz:  type of batting,
type and color of thread, quilting design details.   This information will be printed on a tag to be placed in some
sort of plastic pouch that will hang with the quilt.   We can also include business cards for the quilter in the
pouch and when someone viewing the quilt wants to contact the quilter, the information is available.  Beth
Safick will do some research to find a plastic pouch or something similar to use for this purpose.
>  Dottie is compiling a list of interested parties who may want to display the trunk show.  Our first possible
location is at the NEORQC meeting on October 2, 2004.  
>  We decided that an acrylic table top sign holder would be good for displaying a sign about the show and
explain what the Ohio LongArm Quilters are all about.  The holder can also have a slot to hold our brochures.   
The sign can then be printed on a computer and changed easily if necessary.   Beth Safick has a catalog of items
like this and will research what is most appropriate for our needs.

Brochure for the group
Beth Safick read the content (authored by Linda Bennett) for the brochure.  Click here to see what it says.  Linda
or Beth will add graphics (an outline of the state of Ohio and a longarm machine – similar to our logo that is
available for embroider on apparel) and arrange the content to fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet to be tri-folded.   
The group made a few suggestions for things to add including the following:   - indicate that each member of the
group operates independently,   -  include a short list of things that would help a person find a machine quilter
that’s right for them, like questions to ask the quilter.

Embroidered logo
Linda Miller embroidered our logo onto a few t-shirts and sweatshirts and had them available for sale.  She can
also embroider the logo on any item you give to her for $10.  Contact Linda for details.

Organizing a Quilt Show
It was suggested (by Anna Bachtel and Linda Miller) that we discuss the possibility of organizing a quilt show –
perhaps requiring that all the quilts in the show be quilted on a longarm machine.  Linda told the group about a
show that used to be held in a church in the her area that was quite successful.  The show was discontinued a
few years ago as the members of the hosting guild lost interest.   Quilts were displayed on the church pews and
visitors were given disposable gloves so that they could touch the quilts if they wanted.  Other rooms in the
church had tables rented to crafters and vendors and baked goods were for sale.  If we decide to do this, it
might be a good way to raise money for our group.  We can charge a small admission fee and perhaps an entry
fee if we decide to hire someone to judge the quilts.  Linda will do some research to find a suitable location.

Future Meetings
The group decided to change the start time of meetings to 11:00am to make it easier for members who are
driving from a long distance.  
 This is effective for the next meeting.

We will make up with the 2005 meeting schedule at the October meeting.  Members offering to host meetings in
2005 include Linda Miller, Sarah Bistline, Amy Jones and Anna Bachtel.  Also Barb Beer, Barb Caldwell and Pat
Waldron are willing to host a meeting in Mansfield.   Amy Jones also told the group about 2 restaurants in the
Canton area (Mulligan’s and Home Town Buffet) that have a separate room available where we can hold a
private meeting.

Amy will contact Mulligan’s to reserve the room for our December 2004 meeting as this is probably a better
location than the Eat ‘n Park.

Customer Service
Sarah Bistline read an email she had received from a friend regarding a quilt that a woman in her guild had
quilted by a member of our group.   (She had obtained the quilter's name from the flyer for the Ohio LongArm
Quilters.)   The woman was not satisfied with the quilting and was unhappy that the quilter did not refund her
money or attempt to correct the problem.   She then showed the quilt to her guild and made them all aware of
her dissatisfaction.

Sarah wanted our group to be aware of the importance of dealing with an unhappy customer and how a bad
experience with one of our members may prevent a person from dealing with others members in the group.
Several members had stories of how they've dealt with an unhappy customer and explained how they
attempted to make the situation better.   Many quilters rely on word of mouth for their business and people
tend to spread the word about a bad experience quicker than a good one.  

Carol Rickard quoted an appropriate saying she found on a quilter's website - "If you like my quilting, tell
everyone.  If you don't like my quilting, tell ME."   

Doug and Martha Creasy, owners of  A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery in Zanesville, OH, gave a wonderfully
informative presentation on basic machine care and maintenance.  There were lots of useful tips on how to get
the right tension, how to oil the machine and set the height of the hopping foot.   A Touch of Thread is a full
service Gammill dealer and Doug is available for servicing longarm machines.
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