Ohio LongArm Quilters
July 17,  2004   Meeting
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Linda Miller's home
Uniontown, OH

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Time:     10:30 am
Theme for the Fat Quarter
Drawing this month:

Rosemary Darraugh
Members in attendance
Anna Bachtel       Dottie Bettiker         Barb Caldwell       Sarah Bistline        Linda Cline
Sharon Gostlin       Phyllis Groves       Janet Joehlin      Amy Jones        Janice Kiser
Linda Miller       Sue Palumbo      Beth Safick      Pat Waldron       Mary Zeitz

New members
Rosemary Darraugh        Joan Flory       Darlie Katz

Kathy Goss
We welcomed three new members to the group:  
Rosemary Darraugh from Mercer, PA        Joan Flory from Peninsula, OH        Darlie Katz from Canton, OH.

Mary Zeitz gave a treasury report.   Please view the treasury page (members only) to see the current balance.

Mary had some reminders for the group:
>  everyone should make a name tag to wear at each meeting
>  everyone attending the meeting (including guests) can participate in the fat quarter drawing
>  everyone attending the meeting (including guests) must contribute $1.00 to the treasury

Beth Safick brought the new NEORQC Directory and we are listed as a resource.   We are still not listed on their
website, though, and Sarah Bistline (she's President of NEORQC) will check with their web master and get us

The next NEORQC meeting is on October 2, 2004, and it was suggested that we have members of our group there
to represent the Ohio LongArm Quilters.  Sarah indicated that everyone is welcome and she will email reminders
about the meetings occasionally on our Yahoo goup.   For more information on NEORQC, check out their website

The member working on the group's brochure (Linda Bennett) did not attend and we don't have an updated
status on her progress.

> We decided on the name  "Quilted Inspirations"  for the display.
> Quilts are to be turned in at the September meeting (which happens to be at Dottie Bettiker's - Coordinator of
Challenge Quilts -  home
> We would like to have the brochure done by the time we start sending out the trunk show.
> Each member who is making a quilt should email the following information regarding their quilt to Mary Zeitz -  
what type of batting and thread was used and what is the quilting design (was it a panto, freehand, a
particular method??).  Mary and Pat Waldron will come up with some type of label or tag that will be attached to
the quilt showing a picture of the quilt and this information so that the people viewing the quilt will know the
details.  The tag will be laminated so it is durable.
> Mary will also create a sign that can be displayed with the quilts.  It will say:  
    The Ohio LongArm Quilters
              "Quilted Inspirations"    
A trunk show created by professional longarm quilters.  
If you would like to request this display for your quilt show or guild,
  please visit www.longarmohio.com for details.
> Mary will generate the Contract and Policy and provide them to Dottie Bettiker.  
> The email address  
 trunkshow@longarmohio.com  will be set up for requests/ information about the display.
The emails will go to Dottie.
> The first possible location for the display is at the October NEORQC meeting.  Sarah Bistline will contact the right
person and get them in touch with Dottie Bettiker.
> If anyone has ideas for other locations, please email your suggestions to Dottie.  She will set up a schedule as
she receives requests.
> Mary found an Insurance company in Arizona that provides a policy for displays of this type.  Cost per year is
$1.07 per $100 of value with a $500 deductible.  We need to have at least one of the quilts appraised to
establish a value and we need to have good pictures and documentation of each quilt.

Linda Miller made up a couple more samples of the logos she created that can be embroidered on a shirt or other
apparel.  The new designs incorporate the outline of the state of Ohio and are smaller.  Visit the
LOGO page to
view the designs and for instructions on how to get your item to Linda.

Several members have information on resources available to us for machine maintenance and service.  Visit the
Information page for details.
It was suggested that anyone who is having a technician come to their home/studio for service should post an
email to the Yahoo group with the date.  This way, others can possibly take advantage of getting the tech to visit
them if he or she is close to their area.

August 21st at Amy Jones studio.  See the meeting page for details.
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