Ohio LongArm Quilters
June 19,  2004   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Theme for the Fat Quarter
Drawing this month:

Winner this month:  
Leanne Spencer
Dutch Harvest Restaurant
5324 Co. Rd. 201
Millersburg, OH  44654

Then off to
Miller's Dry Goods
Charm Ohio

Time:     10:30 am
Members in attendence
Dottie Bettiker,  Sarah Bistline,    Linda Cline,   Laura Farabaugh
Sharon Gostlin,   Carol Hardesty,   Janet Joehlin,   Amy Jones
Cindy Kazmir,   Janice Kiser and guest,    Linda Miller,  Sue Palumbo
Jodi Robinson,  Leanne Spencer,  Pat Waldron,    Mary Zeitz
New members
Barb Beer,      Barb Caldwell
Debbie Jessup,   Lynn Sanderson
We welcomed two new members to the group:   Barb Beer and Barb Caldwell, both from Mansfield, OH.

Mary Zeitz encouraged all members to make a name tag to wear at meetings.  Something simple is
fine, quilt related would be appropriate.

We polled the group to see if guests at meetings can participate in the fat quarter drawing.  The
majority felt it was fine for anyone attending the meeting to bring a fat quarter and be included.

The $1.00 meeting fee that we collect from each member at each meeting is also required of guests.

Mary Zeitz gave a treasury report.   Please view the
treasury page (members only) to see the current

The members working on the group's brochure (Linda Bennett and Beth Safick) did not attend and we
don't have an updated status on their progress.

Challenge Quilts
>  These are to be turned in at the September meeting.
>  Mary Zeitz made up a Contract and Policy to borrow the quilts.  Members can review the documents
online by
clicking here and they should email Mary if they have any suggestions or revisions to their
>  Dottie Bettiker has offered to be the Challenge Quilt Coordinator and will handle the
correspondence with anyone who requests the display.
>  Mary Zeitz is still looking into getting insurance.
>  If anyone in the group knows of a quilt appraiser, we may want to get a few of the quilts appraised
to establish an insurable value.
>  We also might want to consider having a name for the display.  Please email Mary with suggestions
and she will post a poll on the Yahoo Group for members to vote on their favorite.

Apparel with our logo
>  Linda Miller is offering to embroider our logo (example to be available soon) on a piece of apparel of
your choosing.   You will need to get the item to Linda, clearly labeled with your name and where you
want placement of the logo.   Cost for each item is $10, payable to Linda.  Since our next meeting is at
Linda's home, that would be a great opportunity for you to take her your item.  You can specify how
you want the item returned to you at that time.  If you want the item mailed back to you, please
include $3.50 for shipping.

Mary Zeitz informed the group that the amount of disk space on our website is almost at it's limit.  She
will upgrade to the next level and this will double our current space and cost an additional $4.95 per
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