Ohio LongArm Quilters
May 15,  2004   Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Members who attended:
Carol Rickard
Peggy Dudash
Mary Zeitz
Amy Jones
Kathy McCarty
Dottie Bettiker
Laura Farabaugh
Linda Cline
Janice Kiser
Sarah Bistline
Phyllis Groves
Linda Bennett
New Members:
Ellie Monroe
Nora Brant
Carol Rickard's home
Chardon, Ohio

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Burton Quilt Show
Century Village
14538 Main St
Burton, OH 44021
(440) 834-1492

Time:     10:30 am
Winner of the fat quarters:
Sarah Bistline
We welcomed 2 new members to the group:  Nora Brant and her sister Ellie Monroe.

Treasury report - current balance is $180.35 plus $34.00 collected today bringing the total to $214.35.

Group brochure
-  Mary Zeitz handed out copies of the sheet she created for the group that will be available at the Burton
Quilt Show this weekend.
-  Linda Bennett is working on the professional looking flier that we will ultimately use.  
-  Linda Cline referred us to a couple of websites that have appropriate clip art free for download that we
may be able to use in the flier.
-  An idea for our logo is to have a generic looking longarm machine shown inside an outline of the state of

Challenge Quilts
-  Mary Zeitz passed out more labels for the challenge quilts to some of the members.  (See a sample of the
label on the
Challenge Quilt Designs page)
-  Pat Waldron (not at the meeting) had suggested in an email that the quilts be displayed in various quilt
shops that are participating in the Amish Country Quilt Shop Hop in October.  Dottie Bettiker has more
information on this shop hop and will forward the info on to the group.
-  It was also suggested that we explore the possibility of getting the quilts displayed at the NEORQC
Getaway Weekend next February.  This would be an excellent spot for quilters to see our work.

Yahoo Group  (currently the NEOLAQ group)
There was a request from one of our members to keep the Yahoo group restricted to only current members
of the Ohio LongArm Quilters.  The consensus among the members at the meeting was to do this.     There
are quite a few people on the Yahoo group that are not members of OLAQ and we do not know who they
are.  The group felt that the discussions should be kept private among us.

Since the name of the group is not our current name, Mary Zeitz will start a NEW Yahoo group with the Ohio
LongArm Quilters name and she will send invitations to all of the paid members.  She will post a message on
the NEOLAQ group to explain that the group will be discontinued and that the new group will be for OLAQ
members only.  

Anyone requesting to join the new Yahoo group will be screened to see if they own a longarm and are
interested in joining the Ohio LongArm Quilters group.  If they are, they will be allowed to join the Yahoo
group on a trial basis.  If they do not actually join OLAQ within a short time period, they will be deleted from
the Yahoo group.

Group pictures at the meetings
There was a wild discussion among the members regarding the group shots that have previously been taken
at meetings and posted to the meeting pages.   Seems that most (not all) members DO NOT want to have
their picture taken at each meeting so the practice has stopped as of today.  Reasons for wanting to remain
unseen included the following:  bad hair day, no make-up, "I look fat today", "My boobs take up the whole
picture!",  "If they want to see what we look like, they can go to the members page."
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