Ohio LongArm Quilters
April 24,  2004   Meeting
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Amy Jones' Studio
Tuscarawas, OH

Time:     10:30 am
Winner of the fat quarters:
Cindy Kazmir
Linda               Beth             Amy                    Janice                 Janet                       
Bennett           Safick            Jones                Kiser                    Joehlin
Sharon              Mary                Anna           Carol          Laura          Cindy
Gostlin            Zeitz                Bachtel       Rickard   Farabaugh    Kazmir
Pat                           Sue                    Dottie                       Kathy
Waldron                 Palumbo            Bettiker                     McCarty
We welcomed 2 new and one returning member to the group:  Pat Waldron, Laura Farabaugh and Cindy

With the results of the poll posted since the last meeting, we have officially changed the name of the group
from the North East Ohio LongArm Quilters to the Ohio LongArm Quilters.

We have joined The North East Ohio Regional Quilt Council (NEORQC) as a resource and we will be listed in
the new directory that is getting printed soon as well as on their website.    The cost of membership is
NEORQC was $40. which was sent in by Mary Zeitz from our treasury funds.

Treasury report - current balance is $173.30 plus $33.00 collected today bringing the total to $206.30.

Challenge Quilts
-  Mary Zeitz passed out labels for the challenge quilts to some of the members.  She will have the rest at
the next meeting.   (See a sample of the label on the
Challenge Quilt Designs page)
-  Mary printed off a sample Contract/Policy to Borrow that we can modify for our group to use when the
quilts are loaned for display.  We need a member to review the document and suggest changes that will
make the contract specific to our needs.
-  Insurance for the quilts was discussed.  Mary will research the cost and availability of this.
-  We need to start gathering a list of possible quilt shows, etc. that would like to display the quilts.   Pat
Waldron suggested the Amish Country Quilt Show held in March.    Shirley Stutz (not at the meeting) had
previously offered to help research this.

Flyer / brochure for the group
Linda Bennett and Beth Safick prepared a rough draft of the document and Linda read it to the group.  It's
a great start and many other ideas were added from the discussion that followed.  Linda and Beth will
re-work the copy and have a new draft for the next meeting.

Apparel for the group
Linda Miller (not at the meeting) prepared a couple samples of a logo (see below) that she can embroider
on shirts (or whatever) for $10 each.    Each member should obtain their own shirt and contact Linda to
make arrangements to get it to her.

Name Tags
Mary suggested that each member make themselves a nametag to wear at each meeting (instead of the
name tag labels).  

Machine maintenance with Doug Creasy
Janet Joehlin indicated that Linda Miller offered to have Doug Creasy come to her home in June meeting to
set up a space in her garage to work on our machines while we're holding the meeting. The consensus
among the group is that they would rather have Doug set up the route to come to their homes to work on
their machines.  This way, he has plenty of time and they don't have to haul their machine somewhere else.
Challenge quilt label example
Samples of logo for our shirts.
Click on the picture for a larger view.
Click here for show 'n tell
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