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February 14, 2004 Meeting
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Amy Jone's Studio
Tuscarawas,  OH
Studio phone # 740-922-1871

Time:     10:30 am
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Carol Rickard
Meeting Minutes
We welcomed 2 new members to the group - Sue Palumbo and Sharon Gostlin, both from Stow, Ohio.

Mary Zeitz announced that
Janet Joehlin has accepted the responsibility to act as the 'membership
contact' for the group.  A membership email address will be shown on the website for visitors who are
interested in joining the group.  The email sent to the address will get forwarded to Janet and she will
act as our ambassador.   Thanks Janet for volunteering your time.

We discussed ways for our members who are in business to
promote themselves and gain more
Mary read a very informative article from the "Unlimited Possibilities" January 2003
Newsletter                        that had several ideas for drumming up business.   
Carol Hardesty showed us an article that was written about her in the newspaper as a result of
a                 display of her quilts in her local library.
Mary suggested creating a flier for the NEOLAQ group, promoting the website as a way
for                             quilters to find a longarm quilter.  This flier could be placed in quilt shops or at
quilt shows.                    Linda Bennett offered to work on writing the content of the flier and will check
out the cost                    of creating a professional looking color brochure.  (Linda's husband is a
Several members suggested that we get some kind of apparel (t-shirts, sweat shirts,
denim                         shirts) made up for each member with a logo or graphic (maybe a quilt block)
with the                            NEOLAQ name and website address.  Dottie Bettiker will get information on
the place she                       previously ordered a denim shirt from that has her business name on it.  
Carol Rickard has a                 contact for t-shirts.  Anyone else who knows of a source for apparel -
please get information                  on cost and availability and we can discuss as a future meeting.

The subject of
machine maintenance was discussed.  There have been quite a few posts to the
NEOLAQ Yahoo group about the possibility of having a longarm machine technician setting up a route
in Ohio to visit those members interesting in periodic maintenance of their machines.  Shirley Stutz had
previously discussed this idea with Doug Creasy (owner of "A Touch of Thead Quilting Gallery" in
Zainsville, Ohio) and he indicated he would be willing to attend one of our meetings to discuss this
with our members.  Shirley offered to contact Doug again and see if he would be available to attend
our August meeting (at Amy Jone's studio) and work out the details and also to hold a mini
maintenance class.     Janice Kiser advised the group of another local industrial sewing machine repair
service that she's dealt with numerous times.  The company is George E. Johnson Co, (216) 662-8847,
located at 16321 Rockside Rd, Maple Hts, OH.  They sell supplies and have a storefront but will also
travel to do repairs - ask for Alex or Jerry.

The idea of a
group project was well received.  After discussing many different ideas, the group
decided to have each member piece a simple 40" x 50" quilt top (one of 4 designs - log cabin, single
irish chain, stars or card trick) and quilt it to their liking.  The completed quilts will be brought to the
September meeting.  A couple of months prior to that (when we are sure we'll have enough finished
quilts), we will scout out a quilt shop or quilt show where the quilts can be displayed.  Each quilt will be
marked with the quilter's name and business information with reference to the website.  We will also
try to arrange to have an article about the display in various newspapers - this will promote our
website and offer a way to find another venue for the display to travel to next.   We envision the quilts
being displayed for about one month at each location.   
Specific details on the quilt patterns to be used
will be posted on the website soon.  

We have designated the October meeting to be 'charity quilt drop-off' time.  Anyone interested in
making a quilt (or quilts) for charity can bring them in October and we will find a suitable organization
for the donation.  If we know that we'll have several quilts, we can arrange to have a representative
from the chosen organization at the meeting to accept the quilts - AND have a reporter from the local
newspaper to take pictures and promote us some more.

The next meeting will start out at the Lake Farmpark in Kirtland for the Quilts!2004 quilt show.  See the
March 6th meeting page for details.
Sue Palumbo (new)           Sarah Bistline                   Beth Safick
Carol Hardesty                Linda Bennett
Janice Kiser                  Dottie Bettiker             Amy
Jones                    Anna Bachtel                  Kathryn Hood
Shirley Stutz        Carol Rickard     Sharon Gostlin (new)      Mary Zeitz
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