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November 15, 2003 Meeting
Meeting Schedule
Member List
Location:    Amy Jones' studio,  Tuscarawas, Ohio
Time:     10:30 am
Members in attendance:  Amy Jones, Mary Zeitz, Carol Rickard, Phyllis Groves, Kathryn Hood,
               Carol Hardesty, Linda Miller, Janet Joehlin, Linda Cline, Louise Mann,
                 Linda Bennett (new), Dottie Bettiker (new)
Visitor (possible new member):  Cynthia Faccenda
What a great meeting on Saturday!  We had a very good turnout including 3 new people.  Thanks to Amy
Jones for hosting the meeting in her beautiful and spacious studio.  She provided a wonderful spread of food
and beverage for our brunch.

Expansion of our website.  
The members in attendance agreed that we should go ahead and upgrade our "free" site to one that charges a
monthly fee ($11.95) so that we can keep what we have now and still have room to grow.  Mary Zeitz will
continue to maintain the site and will pay for the service on her own credit card.  To reimburse Mary for the
fees, we all agreed to start having yearly dues for each member of $10 - (every member at the meeting paid
this to Mary).  She will keep track of the dues and we can decide as a group how to spend whatever extra
cash we might have.   To those members who missed the meeting, you can pay your dues by sending Mary a
check for $10.  
Now that we will have a 'Yahoo small business' website, we can advertise our services.  Members who wish
to do this should send the information they want to appear on the website to Mary Zeitz - either by email or
snail mail.  This can include information about your business, pricing, services, pictures, etc.  Please keep it to
a reasonable amount of data.

Making the NEOLAQ group more formal
We discussed the possibility of making our group more 'formal' with officers and by-laws, etc.  The consensus
among the attending members was to keep the group very informal and continue in the same manner as we
have since we started.  The only formality in the group will be the membership dues of $10 payable each
November.  Mary Zeitz will collect and keep track of the funds.  The dues are necessary to maintain and
expand our new 'fee based' website.  

List of member information
Mary Zeitz will compile a list of members with their phone numbers (home and cell) that will be emailed to
everyone in the group.  (We don't want to publish this information on the website.)  For those of you not at the
meeting, please email this information to Mary.

Future meetings
We decided to schedule meetings EVERY month - for the 3rd Saturday (if possible) in 2004.  Please see the
Meetings Schedule page for locations and details.  You may notice there is a North/South flow to where the
meetings are located.  This way you don't have to travel way to the south or way to the north if you live the
opposite direction.  (Cynthia is new and she is the farthest south in Caldwell,Ohio.)  Every other month the
meeting should be within your range.  BUT..everyone is invited to all meetings and maybe once in a while you
might want to make the trip.  
We also think that meeting at a member's home or studio is more conducive to a productive meeting and
several of our members have graciously offered to host meetings in 2004.  

Funding the treasury
We should have a few extra dollars in treasury after paying for the website fees.  We also thought that we can
add to it by each member paying $1 at each meeting they attend.  We can then use the funds to help pay to
bring in a speaker or teacher to a meeting.  Whatever the purpose, we will decide as a group on how to use
the money.

Meeting fun
Starting with the January, 2004, meeting, each member should bring a fat quarter with them.  We will have a
door prize drawing and the winner will take home all the fat quarters.
Louise, Cynthia, Linda C, Phyllis, Kathryn
Back row:  
Dottie, Carol H, Janet, Amy, Carol R
From row:
Linda B, Mary, Linda C
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